We're looking for guide and news article authors along with forum Moderators to help out on AlbionOffline!

We're Looking For Authors And Site Staff!

Hello everyone! My name is Ryan and I'm the creator of AlbionOffline. Up until this point, I have been the only person working on the site, but I think it's time to bring a few more people onto the team. I'm mainly looking for a couple of people to help out with creating news articles and guides for the site, and builds once that feature is finished. I'll also be looking for a dedicated forum Moderator (or two).

You can apply simply by clicking on the button below and telling me a little about yourself. Links to social media accounts (Twitter & Reddit) along with your Albion Online forum account will help your chances of being picked. Knowing proper grammar and being fluent in English is a must! I can't currently offer any kind of pay since the site itself isn't making any money, but I'm willing to work something out if / once that time comes (I may be able to provide Albion Online gold at the very least). These positions are 100% voluntary and mostly for people who are passionate about Albion Online and want to help the community.

So, if you are interested in joining us, please make sure you are logged into an activated account and click on the button below. Thank you for being a part of our community, I look forward to providing you all with quality content and an awesome place to go for Albion Online resources. Thanks!

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