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The Season 9 Patch is Here

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Queen Patch 11, AKA the Season 9 Patch, is here! This patch brings a host of updates and quality-of-life improvements to numerous game systems. Here's a partial list of what's new:

Wide-Ranging Mobile Improvements

Patch 11 brings the first version of an all new way to play Albion on mobile devices. These new mobile features apply to both iOS and Android, and include the following:

  • A virtual joystick for movement that snaps to the initial press position
  • Auto-targeting of attacks and spells
  • Context-based interactions with the world
  • Updated HUD layout
  • Default in-game zoom level increased

Outlands, Elite/World Boss, and Guild Season Changes

  • Outlands Banks
  • Season Points from Veteran and World Bosses
  • Increased Fame and Silver from high-level enemies
  • Increased access to Crystal League matches

Remember, Guild Season 9 starts on Saturday, May 16 - click here for the complete season schedule.

UI Quality-of-Life Improvements

  • Visual updates to world map and local maps
  • Updated Building interface
  • Improved Mail system
  • Clearer Carry Capacity display
  • New spell icons

Additional Improvements and Changes

  • Faster potion crafting and clearer Focus/resource cost progression
  • Increased spawn rate of Solo Dungeons
  • Improvements to farming and territory tower UIs
  • Terrain improvements to increase visibility
  • Scaled durability loss for group PvP kills
  • Bug fixes for graphical/terrain issues and spell behavior
  • ...and much more

You can read the complete list of improvements, changes, and fixes in the official patchnotes.


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