The next major Crystal League showdown is coming December 10-11.

The Season 17 Crystal League Championship is Coming!

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The Season 17 Crystal League Championship takes place December 10-11, with Albion's top Crystal League players facing off for tremendous prizes including the ultra-rare Sabertooth Rex Swiftclaw Skin. The tournament will feature 5 teams from the Lethal Crystal League and 3 teams from the Non-Lethal, based on the following criteria:

  • Number of Level 9 wins
  • Number of Level 8 wins
  • Number of Level 7 wins
  • etc.

(Note: each player can only qualify for the tournament once through either the lethal or non-lethal format)

As with the previous tournament, matches will be hard-capped to limit the overall regear costs to teams, and the tournament will be full-loot.

Additional rules:

  • Qualifying teams will be notified when the sign-up period begins
  • Teams must consist of five qualified players, at least four of whom must have qualified with the same team this season
  • A player cannot qualify with multiple teams
  • Each team can allocate one substitute in addition to the five players on the team
  • For full rules, signup info, and the final schedule, see this forum post
  • For full tournament rules, see the Official CLC Rulebook 

Watch the Action Live on AlbionTV

As always, you can watch the action all weekend long on AlbionTV, the official Albion Online Twitch Channel. Join hosts ShozenLewpac, and Tazzik as they bring you live coverage and commentary on these high-octane fights. The reigning champions will be crowned and receive their prizes at a ceremony after the final match on Sunday.

Get ready for Albion's next high-stakes tournament, and keep an eye on our forum for updates!

Watch last season’s Grand Finals here:


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