Springtime has come to Albion - celebrate with a special 2-week event.

The Rites of Spring are Back

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A change has come over the land of Albion: the chill of winter has begun to recede, decorations have sprouted up in cities and towns, and mysterious egg-shaped chests have appeared throughout the world. It can only mean one thing: the Rites of Spring have begun! During this two-week event, you can celebrate the return of spring by hunting down special eggs, unlocking unique items, and joining in other community events.

The Egg Hunt is On

Throughout the wilds of Albion, giant, colorful eggs have sprouted from the ground. Break them open to get Surprise Eggs, a new item that can be used as currency at the Vanity Merchant, or thrown to hatch a surprise of their own!

For the duration of the event, Surprise Eggs can be traded with the Vanity Merchants in Albion's cities for a variety of spring-themed items, including:

  • Wearable "Bunny Stalker" Armor, Hats, and Backpacks
  • Golden Egg Chests (Furniture Item)
  • Chocolate Bars that give a boost to Energy Regeneration

You can also trade your eggs for the mighty Eggsecutioner, a two-handed weapon skin that uses Heretic magic to fire three different types of magical eggs! This weapon skin will remain unlockable for Gold via the Appearance menu, but for the two-week duration of this event, you can also get it by collecting eggs.

And for those with Fool's Golden Eggs left over from past events, you're in luck: while the event is running, the Vanity Merchant will also accept them as currency!

And finally, you can join in a community-wide egg hunt in our new forum contest. Track down all the egg baskets to win some fantastic prizes! For more details, click here.


Fame Week Happening Now!

A week-long Fame Rush starts today.

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