Celebrate Albion’s history in this special two-week event.

The Living Legacy Starts Today!

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Albion Online is turning five! And to mark this momentous occasion, today sees the beginning of a unique, two-week event: Living Legacy.

Until maintenance on July 28, we’re celebrating Albion’s history and your part in it with some special themed vanity items, birthday cake, city decorations, and – above all else – some familiar faces roaming through the open world…

For a taste of what’s out there, check out this brand-new video:

Albion’s Past Comes to Life

After much speculation as to their whereabouts, the missing statues from Conquerors’ Hall have been discovered – and they’re alive! These monuments to Albion’s triumphant guilds can be encountered in any Tier 5 or higher zone, and carry vast riches with them. But they’re not friendly towards adventurers, and will fight with fearsome weapons and spells before they give up their loot.

The living statues exist in three different sizes, which vary in strength, rarity, and value. So the stronger the statue you or your party can defeat, the better the chance of claiming some unique anniversary rewards. Arm up and take down these idols!

Birthday Presents and Unique Rewards

For the duration of the event an array of unique rewards will be available to players. All characters who log in during this time will receive a Fifth Anniversary Avatar and Avatar Ring. Those who watch the Anniversary Stream can claim a one-off Twitch Drop. And slaying statues can get you an anniversary-themed Riding Horse skin, a firework-launching Chromacannon, an Anniversary Banner, and slices of cake which grant a temporary Fame boost - just make sure to eat them before the event is over!

Albion’s history is the history of its players, so join us for this unique celebration. Check out the full event patchnotes here, and go make some history of your own!


Fame Week Happening Now!

A week-long Fame Rush starts today.

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Beyond the Veil Patch 3 is here!

This patch brings improvements to the Roads of Avalon, a new Streamer Mode, and more.
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