We are back again, except this time with a bit of a twist on the usual Legends of Albion spotlight. We'll be taking a look at some of the recent bloodiest and hard fought battles from out in the open world.

The Legends of Albion #9

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This Week’s Legends

ZORN Turns the Tables on Envy in a Three Way Skirmish

The Outlands are a haven for all things PvP. This is especially true for group and guild activities or as we have come to call, 'Zerg vs Zerg'. But what happens when you throw another Zerg in to the equation? You end up with absolute mayhem. Standing their ground upon a raised position is the Winged Hussars from the eXn Alliance and poised below them is a group from one of the stand out guilds from this test, ZORN. This fight already has all the ingredients for a very chaotic recipe, but Envy also wants a piece of the pie. Unknowingly the guilds involved, they are involved in a three-way show down, just like in 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly'. I'll let you decide which is which.

The Gentlemen and the Unsullied Fight Over The Bridge of Death

Wherever you are in Albion, no matter how out of the way or remote a place may seem, the clash of swords is never far away. Even a rickety old bridge can be the scene of one of Albion's famous battles between its ever warmongering guilds and that is what we have here. The Gentlemen and the Unsullied facing off at either side of a few wooden planks and some rope, hardly worth dying for, right? This short battle shows the importance of a well-coordinated group that is aware and able to play around each other's strengths and cooldowns as well as showing the consequences of over extending through a choke point.

Conflict at Creag Eyach Castle

This is definitely one of the more appropriate places to have a war. The perfect spot for mayhem and death! A shining light in all of this doom and gloom is the big box of loot that the victor gets to collect at the end. Looking for a shot at the loot is the resolute warriors of the CDC Alliances, but hoping to prevent them from gaining any is the newly formed SNOW Alliance, made up of the remnants of ZIKA. After initially taking the castle, the CDC has to fight a 'backs to the wall' defense and sees them face off against wave after wave of attack from a numerically superior foe. No guts, no glory... and no loot!

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I hope you enjoyed this slightly different version of our usual Friday segment. Remember to keep your ears to the ground for the sound of marching boots and beating drums. In the grim darkness of Albion Online there is only war!

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