There are many ways to become a Legend in the world of Albion. Below are just a few worthy adventurers who deserve the title for their hard work, dedication and a little cunning.

The Legends of Albion #8

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This Week’s Legends

Karga, Documenter of Zorn's Adventures

If you are looking for excellent PvP content covering the full spectrum from GvGs to Hellgates, then look no further! Karga has been documenting the exploits of his guild ZORN, who are one of the strongest powerhouses in the game. The amount of content captured by Karga is pretty incredible and must have taken a whole lot of time and dedication. He presents his work very professionally and it is extremely easy to follow, although being proficient in the German language is needed to fully understand what is going on. So for all his hard work I think it is fair to say that Karga is a welcome addition to the list of Legends.

If you would like to check out more of his videos visit his thread on the official forums here: Journey of a Crow.

Zeax Defends His Claim

I don't know about you, but I feel the overwhelming need to shower after watching this clip. A fantastically dirty play by Zeax who basically single-handedly took on a group of foes in the name of his guild and glory. In this case it was for Rest in Pieces. If you are in need of a chuckle or a little pick-me-up, then you can join me in laughing at the woes of his opponents, Les Gaulois. Nice job Zeax, welcome to the Legends of Albion!

LordTyrellz Keeping Us Up to Date

If you haven't heard of him, let me introduce you to LordTyrellz. He is an active Youtuber, documenting his adventures in the world of Albion as well as keeping us filled in on all the updates that are made to the game. Players and content creators like LordTyrellz are very important to any game. It takes a swath of time and effort to keep pumping out videos such as his and the same can be said about the others who perform the same role. It is always enjoyable to hear the opinions of other people and listen to their thoughts on highly debated subjects. If you are in need of a constant update on what is happening in Albion then be sure to check out this Legend and his work.

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That is all for this week's Legends of Albion spotlight. I hope you have enjoyed it and agree that our chosen heroes definitely fit the title of Legends.

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