The Legends are back and once again bringing you some more epic battles and engagements from the deadly world of Albion. Be prepared for some storytelling, unexpected victories and a bit of bad weather!

The Legends of Albion #11

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This Week’s Legends

Echo of Silence Shows KORN Who The Kings Of The Castle Are

Something that irritates me quite often is the misconstrued belief that the game is all about having greater numbers when it comes to combat between groups of players. Therefore, I always enjoy seeing examples that prove this belief to be false. Sure, numbers do provide an advantage of some kind but there are many other innumerable variables that decide the outcome of engagements, plus, having more people also means you have more to lose. This was, unfortunately, the harsh lesson that the KORN Alliance received at the hands of a stout Echo of Silence castle defence.

The Adventures of Les Gaulois

Every guild is going to have their own story in the world of Albion. From their humble beginnings to their epic quests and battles for glory and greatness. It is always fascinating to be able to view the many exploits from the players within the community and to get a sense of their very tale. Les Gaulois, one of our resident French guilds, seem to have quite the story to tell us. From being sneaky little thieves ransacking an unsuspecting territory, to being downright deadly in both open world battles and GvGs, they are making quite the name for themselves. I hope you enjoy this little showcase of their most exciting moments so far.

A Deep Covering Of Snow For The Gentlemen

It's getting to that time of year in Albion where things start to get a little chilly. The SNOW Alliance may perhaps welcome the colder weather and the arrival of Uncle Frost more than others if not just for their namesake alone. Being one of the game's largest guilds (a Mega-Guild is what I like to call them), it is no surprise that their presence can be felt over much of the world map. In the video above you can see them contesting the spawn of a valuable relic chest. Their foes in this particular battle are The Gentlemen. I hope they brought warm clothing as there is a strong weather front forecast.

Come Back in Two Weeks For More - Submit if You Want to Become a Legend!

That is all for this week's Legends of Albion spotlight. I hope you have enjoyed it and agree that our chosen heroes definitely fit the title of Legends.

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