Who will reign supreme against the Vicious Overlord?

The Infernal Hellgate Point Event

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Starting this Friday at 21:00 UTC, put your combat skills to the test in the Infernal Hellgate Point Event. Every 24 hours for 96 hours, we'll tally up the players with the most Infernal Points and post them on our leaderboard here. So what exactly are Infernal Points? Read on... 

Here's how to participate:

  • The event runs from Friday, January 26th at 21:00 UTC to Tuesday, January 30th at 21:00 UTC.
  • During the 96-hour event period, your goal is to kill and loot the last boss of an Infernal Hellgate as many times as possible.
  • All available buffs, potions, and gear are allowed.
  • The event applies only to Infernal Hellgates.
  • Each kill + looting of the final boss will equal one Infernal Point.
  • In order for the run to count toward your point total, you must receive a portion of the silver loot from the Vicious Overlord. 

Further Details:

  • Every 24 hours, we will list the players with the most Infernal Points during the previous 24-hour period. The three highest point counts will win the first, second and third prizes for that day. In case of a tie, all players at the same point level will receive the corresponding prize.
  • Additional notes:
    • We will track and display standings by player, not by team. 
    • There will be an additional grand prize for the player who receives the most Infernal Points over the entire 96 hour period. In the case of a tie, all players at the highest point level will receive the grand prize.
    • Potential prizes include bridles, gold, and other items. We will contact winners directly in the days following the event. More information on the prizes will be posted in the forum.
  • A scoreboard with each day's top 20 players can be found here. This board will be updated every 24 hours at 21:00 UTC.

Please note that, while we will provide daily updates over the course of the event, official winners will not be announced until Wednesday, January 31st on our forum and AlbionTV

Good luck, adventurers!


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