A rundown of the current large-scale war in Albion's black zones.

The Growing Outlands War

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The past month has seen an ongoing, large-scale war between two forces consisting of numerous guilds and alliances on each side. One side consists of POE, Squad, and their "rental empire" (as described by AfricaNow, GM of Homeless Crew, in a recent interview) including the NOPE Alliance and Reject Sanity. The other is a looser group drawn together for the singular goal of removing their enemies from the Outlands and creating a space where they are free to fight smaller groups, rather than large empires that control over half the map. This group includes (Steve) Elevate/June, (OOPS) Homeless Crew, (Surf) Tidal, (CALL) Menace, and others.

The war has been ongoing since the last month of Season 12 – essentially, as soon as people secured their rewards, they reformed new allegiances and started targeting Hideouts. So while one reason for the war was Blue Army's pursuit of first place, the bigger reason was the coalition's pursuit of Hideouts.

 Check out some of these large-scale fights in this recent War Report from AlbionTV:

So what's behind the increase in activity? Essentially, Blue Army is going for first place for season 13 and is currently leading by a large margin. They claim this will be King Mojo's final season and that they will be closing the guild at the end of the season, which has brought back many old-school members who have been grinding points and objectives every day. Most days they have been active both in the accumulation of points and the territory war that has been raging between the two major factions. With instructions from their GMs to fight to the bitter end, it's no surprise we've seen record-breaking black zone PvP content lately.

Things came to a head this past week, when Redditor aoTRIFORCE tracked over 5,500 kills in a 24-hour period:

Blue Army and Crimson Imperium Reborn have controlled much of the Outlands for a long time, and have defeated multiple coalitions formed to destroy them. This time may be different, or it may be the same story told again, but for now there are more people participating in these PvP events than at any time in Albion's past.

Check out all the exciting ZvZ action on the AlbionTV War Report, covering this Outlands war and other high-level conflicts, Tuesday through Saturday at 18 UTC.


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