Face off against a powerful new foe in a unique standalone season, starting today.

The Avalonian Invasion Has Begun!

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A fearsome new presence has appeared in the Outlands: the Avalonians. This ancient order from Albion's past has returned to reclaim their land, using a mysterious energy drawn from deep in the earth. While their ultimate plan is unknown, it will have world-altering consequences for Albion.

The Avalonian forces stalking the Outlands are currently limited... but as the season proceeds, they are sure to increase not only in number, but also in variety. Prepare yourself for a battle that will alter the very foundations of the world of Albion.

Important Dates

November 13 Avalonian Mobs appear in the Outlands
November 16 Standalone Guild Season Start - Territories become claimable, Avalonian Mage World Bosses appear
December 7 Territory Reset Day #1
December 21 Territory Reset Day #2
January 4 Territory Reset Day #3, Scores Doubled
January 11 Territory Reset Day #4, GvGs End
January 13 Territory Reset Day #5
January 15 Territory Reset Day #6
January 16 Territory Reset Day #7
January 17 Territory Reset Day #8
January 19 End-of-Season Event
January 20 Season Ends

New Food, Better Tools, and a Unique Mount

The mysterious energy harvested by the Avalonians gives them near-divine powers. Defeat Avalonian mobs and world bosses to claim this energy for yourself, and then bring it to the Energy Manipulator in any of the Royal Cities to enhance various foods and tools or create an all-new mount. Avalonian foods combine meat-based stews and sandwiches with Avalonian Energy to add one additional stat that varies depending on the food. Avalonian tools give improved gathering yields for all resources, including fish. And finally, combine a Saddled Swamp Dragon with enough Avalonian Energy to produce the fearsome Avalonian Basilisk, a fast, strong mount with a powerful electric discharge spell that reduces enemies' attack and move speed.

Take Down Avalonian Mages for Season Points

This season, your guild will have a new way to earn season points: by taking down Avalonian Mage World Bosses. These mysterious members of the Avalonian order have harnessed energy into powerful beam attacks that deal massive damage. These bosses appear on the world map, and can be killed for Season Points starting with the beginning of the season on Saturday, November 16. (Recommended for groups of 10.)

Earn One-of-a-Kind Seasonal Rewards

A unique season deserves unique rewards. The higher your guild ranks, the better the rewards - check out what you can earn:

  • Crystal Rank: Avalonian Avatar + all following rewards
  • Gold Rank: Avalonian Avatar Ring + all following rewards
  • Silver Rank: Small Caerleon Realmgate Furniture Object + all following rewards
  • Bronze Rank: Outlands Map Carpet + all following rewards
  • Iron Rank: Pile of Tomes

Additionally, guilds that finish in first, second or third place overall will be immortalized in a one-off memorial statue in Caerleon. This statue will not be part of Conquerors' Hall, and will instead appear in a unique location of significance. And as always, the first-place season winner will have a crystal ornament added to their guild logo.


Fame Week Happening Now!

A week-long Fame Rush starts today.

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Beyond the Veil Patch 3 is here!

This patch brings improvements to the Roads of Avalon, a new Streamer Mode, and more.
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