This patch brings the Magic Staff rework to completion, and much more.

The Arcane and Frost Patch is Live!

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Into the Fray Patch 4, AKA The Arcane and Frost Patch, is here! This patch brings the long-awaited reworks to the final two Magic Staff lines, as well as unveiling a new season winner statue, introducing changes to Black Zone looting, and much more. Read on for details…

Magic Staff Overhaul: Arcane and Frost Staffs

This patch completes the overhaul of the Magic Staffs weapon line that was kicked off with the Into the Fray update. With entirely revamped visuals and animations, along with new and reworked abilities, Arcane and Frost players will enjoy a fully refreshed and revitalized combat experience. For full details of the spell changes, see the patchnotes.

Season 15 Winner Statue Unveiled

With the statues safely back home in Conquerors’ Hall following the Living Legacy event, a new face has joined them! So congratulations to Season 15 winners Elevate, whose statue now sits at the entrance to the Hall, along with the banners for second and third-place guilds Team Pilas and RAQ.

Black Zone Looting Changes

To give active PvP participants a better chance at gaining and keeping the spoils of their battles, changes have been made to loot restrictions in the Black Zone. For the first 90 seconds after a black-zone kill, the dead player can only be looted by their own allies, the player who dealt the killing blow and their allies, or the player who dealt most damage and their allies. After 90 seconds anyone can collect the loot again.

Other Changes and Improvements

  • Updated Building Nutrition and Trade UIs
  • Might from Castle and Outpost Chests now distributed in a wider radius
  • Buffer zones added around open-world furniture
  • … and more

For a full list of changes, read the official patchnotes.


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Beyond the Veil Patch 3 is here!

This patch brings improvements to the Roads of Avalon, a new Streamer Mode, and more.
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