On the surface, things in the Outland may seem to have settled down a little but that is definitely not the case. The ever squabbling guilds of Albion are forever at war with each other and now, after Faye's update, the wars can come to the Royal Lands too!

The Albion War Report #9

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The SNOW Thaws at the Hands of a Resilient CDC

After many countless attacks and battles between the two factions of the SNOW and CDC alliances, it appears the stalemate has been broken. The borders between KDS (CDC) and Mercenarios (SNOW) have been moved back and forth almost every night with neither side being able to hold on to their victories.

Now, though, it appears there has been a breakthrough. The CDC alliance has rallied themselves and found victories at the highly contested castle fights in the Creag Eyach territory for the past two consecutive weeks. In order to claim the castle and the valuable relic coffer that spawns there, they successfully saw off a seemingly weakened SNOW alliance as well as defeating a contingent from Echo of Silence during the last encounter. The other major player in the region, Envy, did not attempt to show in any great numbers, however a small roaming band of them came along with the intention to pick off some isolated players travelling to the area. There were reports that The Gentlemen also travelled very far north from their home plot in order to get some action and blockaded one of the entrances to the zone.

Unlike the previous week where the battle for the castle continued on long after the relic coffer spawned, everything was over 30 minutes in advance. There was even enough time for the CDC alliance to stop for a photo shoot to commemorate their success.

In the days following the castle fight, the once highly contested Siege Camps were left open for the CDC. There was little SNOW presence which indicates their focus may have been elsewhere, such as the area around Welcoming Shadows and the territories further west that is held by the Dread Pirate Roberts (SNOW) as Envy has been incredibly active there. This led to the CDC alliance having control of where the battles were fought and ultimately meant they gained an edge over their long-term rivals in the area.

Things have quietened down at the moment with both KDS and Mercenarios being rather passive in regards to conflicts fought between each other. This could be due to both sides looking to contest the heavy presence in the area but once this mutual opponent is pushed back, we could see fighting once more.

Envy Remains Unrelenting After Rampant Victories

It has been a busy time as of late for Envy, who have been pushing ferociously in almost every direction and taking hold of almost all the territories directly north of Welcoming Shadows. They did not stop there, however, as they continued to push northeast into the land controlled by KDS and Mercenarios, gaining a strong foothold there. At the same time, they made a darting run south towards the claims held by Echo of Silence but it appears their advance in this area has been halted by a stiff defense.

The GvG teams that Envy is fielding have been most likely one of the higher tiered in the game. This advantage in equipment is enough to overwhelm most guilds and is one of the leading causes for their success. These victories that they have gained so far could be short-lived as they have lost many of the gains over in the East to the Dread Pirate Roberts and have suffered heavy defeats in GvGs to Echo of Silence. 

It does not appear that their loss of high tiered gear is going to sway them from seeking out fights and opponents as they are still very much on the offensive. They have multiple attacks scheduled against KDS and Mercenarios further to the North which will hopefully be incredibly competitive. 

One thing that I should point out is that they have ceased attacks against Echo of Silence so they perhaps may still be waning from their recent loss or just preparing to mount another offensive against another highly equipped opponent, only time will tell.

The Tryhards Alliance Takes a Breath

From the very beginning of this test, ZORN and its alliance (Tryhards) has been one of the most successful relationships in the community. They have held a vast swath of land for an amazing amount of time with comparatively small numbers to other alliances. It appears, though, that this success may have taken its toll and their alliance has relented control of a lot of territories. It must be mentioned, however, that their banners still fly over an impressive 35 watchtowers and cities.

Compared to their peak of this test, ZORN is half the size of what it once was. The logistical challenge to feed and maintain all these lands, as well as the conflict that is required to hold them, will have no doubt been a deciding factor in the decreasing stature of the Tryhards alliance. This decline has opened the door for other opportunistic alliances to take its place.

The contenders include the ELDER, OG and INFAMY alliances which have now firmly taken hold of lands on the fringes of ZORN's dwindling empire. The OG and ELDER alliances both boast an impressive 15 territories, while INFAMY claims a respectable 10. Also on ZORN's northern border is the guild Suicide Squad, who are part of the EXN alliance along with the Winged Hussars.

The area around Dauntensea is firmly held by INFAMY and its member guilds, who are all contributing to its sustained claim of the area. Just north of INFAMY is the OG alliance and to the east of them is Suicide Squad. Right in the middle of all these enemies is the Tryhards. It will be a real test of their resolve if they can withstand any combined push from all these opponents.

Guild Warfare Returns to the Royal Lands

After the recent update, guild warfare has returned to the Royal Continents and so does the mayhem attributed to them. It is the perfect opportunity for the smaller, less experienced guilds to get out and enjoy one the game's most exciting aspects all on an equal footing.

Although the new theatres of war will no doubt make my life a little harder, the Royal Lands will in my opinion probably end up more active than the Outlands in terms of guild battles. The item power cap will allow for a more competitive scene as gear alone won't be able to decide the outcome of a fight. On top of that, seeing as there is not as much to lose in terms of territories, there will be rampant warfare on a regular basis. I will not be surprised if many of the experienced guilds who currently hold land in the Outlands, come south and look for fights in the hopes that they will be more competitive and challenging than the ones they are currently taking part in.

It is far too early to tell which guilds are doing well or which ones we should keep an eye on at the moment. We will have to wait for the dust to settle so that we can get a good idea of what the guild landscape will look like so you will all just have to have a little patience in the meantime. The new and exciting aspect of Royal Land GvGs will no doubt be the main focus of many players for the weeks to come.

Be sure to keep your eye out for the next edition of the War Report and let us know what you think about this week's article in the comments below!


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