Where ever you look in the world of Albion, there is always something going on. Whether it be grand schemes unravelling, dreams of glory becoming a realisation or just a few, well-acquainted adventurers keeping the factions of Albion at bay, there is a place for everyone and anything.

The Albion War Report #8

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Peaceful Negotiations And War Declarations

The political landscape of the Outlands is far more complicated than what meets the eye. It is not all bloodshed and never ending wars, but one could understandably be forgiven for thinking so. There is communication and cooperation on a massive scale, from Non-Aggression Pacts to trade deals and even the occasional truce between warring enemies to fight a common foe.

Just recently, a deal was struck between Dread Pirate Roberts from the SNOW alliance and Envy of the REIGN alliance. This particular venture concerned the territory plots in the Feral Pound cluster which belonged to Envy. For an undisclosed fee, they sold their valuable land to their bordering enemies, the Dread Pirate Roberts. Such negotiations are not at all uncommon, in fact, they appear to happen quite regularly and from a personal standpoint, I am quite grateful for it. The more guilds and players out in the Black Zones will only increase friction and tension among the warmongering groups that already reside there.

The Dread Pirate's orchestrated a similar handover themselves with another member of their alliance. They had just recently conquered the cluster of Wildfire Well and seeing as the SNOW alliance is very inter-connected, they moved swiftly to aid their allies.

After all of this, however, Envy has begun what seems like a full on charge towards Welcoming Shadows from their home territory in Galeforce Grove. During this determined push, they have taken a number of other territories belonging to the Dread Pirate Roberts' and are almost on their way to removing their presence from the clusters surround Welcoming Shadows.

Speaking to Eidoss from Envy, he outlined the intentions of his guild's recent campaign. His response was this, "It is just one of our teams practising, they wanted to get a city GvG in Welcoming Shadows. I believe they're waiting for KDS to be available for it." This is clearly just another continuation of their quest for challenging battles which was covered in last week's report. A battle for one of the NPC cities brings with it a significant logistical challenge. It is a full-scale brawl with 20 members on either side. Each team has to be geared to the teeth and communication has to be on point. That being said, city battles are certainly enjoyable even though they can be quite chaotic at times.  An officer from KDS commented saying, "we are looking forward to having a fun and challenging fight, no matter the outcome we will enjoy it."

Still Going Strong But Facing New Challenges

In a distant corner of the Outlands lies the small contingent of territories belonging to Gentlemen (not to be confused with THE Gentlemen). A small guild by most standards, they have done well to retain their holdings this long into the Beta test. At the moment, they lay claim to 11 territories and have only 120 members. They do not belong to any alliance and yet remain a mainstay of the Black Zone guilds, which is quite an admirable feat.

A guild who has held their ground as long as they have will be extremely well dug in, in fact, they have been there that long they are probably part of the environment by now. However, their continued existence has definitely not been an easy task to maintain as there has been plenty of other guilds who have contested their holdings. At the moment, they are under pressure from the formidable Winged Hussars. I spoke to Tajger from Gentlemen and he outlined their current predicament as follows:

"We were, and are still currently, under attack by 3 Polish guilds. Their names are WATAHA, Winged Hussars and Pick Capes. The last two mentioned guilds want to take the city plot in Tainted Mound. That's why we are besieged from two sides but there is also WATAHA. We are fighting on three fronts at the moment. We are TRY-hard guild who don't give up!"

Despite their small numbers, the Hussars own 5 territories and are hungry for more. They only have 65 members in their guild but they are backed up by their allies, Suicide Squad, and are part of the EXN (eXn) alliance which in total, has a strength of 190. Now, this may seem like a small skirmish compared to some of the rivalries between the mega-alliances but both these guilds are punching above their weight while showing that numbers are not everything. Hard work and determination pays off and the fight between the small contenders will no doubt result in a large bout.

Small conflicts such as these are no less valuable to the game than other, larger battles. Pay attention to the fights that are to come between these two sides as they will most likely be incredibly hard fought and brutal.

The Queensmarket Dungeoning Core - The Place To Be For All Your Dungeon Running Needs

The constant wars taking place in the Outlands are all well and good but we shouldn't forget the war on the environment. Someone has to keep those mobs and NPC in check. Thanks to Stormlord, the brilliant mind that brought us the Academy (A guild created purely to help the development of new and less experienced players), the community has another such guild that shares many similar goals. PvE is an important part of every player's Albion experience, however, for new players a very daunting endeavour.

The purpose of the Queensmarket Dungeoning Core is simple, to run dungeons and get some sweet fame while having a fun and enjoyable time doing so, all within the safety of the Royal Lands. For some players, solo grinding is not very high on their list of activities to complete when playing the game but instead, they seek the social experience of being in a group dungeon raid. This niche can be filled by joining most normal guilds however for players who do not want to risk travelling far into the Outlands or for those who are too inexperienced to do so, this is a perfect opportunity a quench that craving.

Castle Fight Club - The Weekly Massacre At Creag Eyach

Every Sunday, the steps and stones within Creag Eyach Castle are painted red and littered with the corpses of literally hundreds fallen players. The weekly Relic Chest spawns are the most highly contested event for guilds in the Outlands, without a shadow of a doubt. This time, the consequence of said spawn was a 4-way rumble between the alliances of the CDC, REIGN, SNOW and EOS.

The chest spawns inside the castle at 19:00 UTC, however, the weekly battle commences at 17:00 UTC. The first group to take action was the SNOW alliance, who were the owners of the castle before the fight began. The CDC were the first guild to contend SNOW's ownership over the battlements at around 17:30 UTC. With the castle defences obviously still in place, the initial meeting of the two factions was not particularly bloody with either side poking each other down. Once the gates came crashing down, all hell broke loose and the following engagement lasted an hour and claimed many lives. Here is a look at the Killboard for this, before the arrival of the REIGN and EoS alliances. What followed was complete chaos and all its beautiful mayhem. There were 4 contenders who wished to lay claim to the castle and the loot that would spawn, but, there could only be one victor.

The war for control of Albion still rages on with no end in sight. Do not fear as we will keep you informed and up to date on all the glorious carnage that the game has to offer, right here in the Albion War Report.

Comment below and let us know what you think about the topics covered in this article or if you think there is anything we should look into for next week!


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