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The Albion War Report #7

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KDS Wades Into Deep Snow

In the far corner of the Eastern Outlands, the weather has definitely been cold as of late. A blizzard has blanketed the land in a heavy covering of snow. I am of course referring to the territories owned by the SNOW Alliance, an amalgamation of guilds consisting mainly of the remnants from the now extinct ZIKA. The formation of this alliance has certainly stirred things in this part of the world. From the death of one mega-alliance comes another with a total of 1500 players and at the moment, 70 territories.

One of the guilds bearing the brunt of this cold front is KDS and its allies. A much smaller force compared to that of the foe who is currently bearing down on them however they have been having plenty of success in defending themselves and striking back ferociously. The main participant from SNOW in this conflict is Mercenarios, who were recently featured in a Guild Spotlight and are battling it out in multiple GvGs daily against KDS. Both sides have been going at it tooth and nail with neither one relenting and the frontlines moving back and forth.

I was able to catch up with Klien, an ambassador from KDS, who believes they are close to finding a breakthrough:

"The fight against Mercenarios is going quite well," he said. "Today we have 3 attacks on them to claim the remainder of their territories excluding their home plots."

It appears, however, that Mercenarios managed to fend off these attacks for now and other SNOW guilds have moved into the area in the form of 424 and the Dread Pirate Roberts, hinting that this conflict is far from a resolution.

"The CDC alliance was growing in size north of Welcoming Shadows and something had to be done," declared 424's Frankasti. "We joined our ally guilds, the Dread Pirate Roberts and Mercenarios in the quest of minimizing their territory possessions."

In response to the increasing threat posed by the SNOW alliance to their position, KDS has moved to assure their own alliance with new additions such as Bunch of Monkies and Honourable Assassins. Ghastlyscar, an important officer from within KDS spoke very highly of his new comrades, describing them as, "a guild of fighters that resisted and fought well and never joined a major alliance to survive or do well. We respect that a lot."

With things heating up between the two camps, will SNOW melt or will KDS succumb to the avalanche heading their way?

ZORN Looks To 'Reign' On Envy's Parade

One of the Outland's busiest war zones is the border between ZORN's vast swath of territories and that of Envy's home plots. As is regularly seen in Albion Online, neighbouring guilds often fall into conflict with each due to no other reason other than the friction that arises from being within each other's vicinity. The same can be said for this case, however, instead of thinking of each other as a rival, both parties have a great deal of respect for one another. They battle for pride, experience and seek a challenge as opposed to going solely territory gains and control.

The background of these two guilds is very different. ZORN has been a strong powerhouse from the early onset of the test and has amassed a great deal of land. Envy, on the other hand, relocated to their current home after a split from their long term allies, Red Army. This meant they had to rebuild almost from scratch but they did so extremely well. Although Envy does not have the territory count to match that of ZORN's, both guilds are among the strongest of this beta without a doubt.

Lugzi, ZORN's glorious leader described their reasoning for the conflict with Envy as such:

"With the lack of competitive enemies around our own realm, we decided to push onto Envy 2 or 3 weeks ago. One of the few guilds in the European time zone, which still holds out and whose GvG teams are still more of a challenge."

The feeling is definitely mutual as Eidoss felt practically the same way as his counterpart. He said, "I wouldn't call it a war, or conflict. We have got good friends in Zorn, however, ... there is no one else around us to fight."

Both sides have described themselves as having periods of success and failure against the other but it may not have always been that way. Lugzi stated, "The initiating fights were actually fairly one sided. With my team pushing through the steppes, north from Black Forest, and Karga'Dor's team through the swamp in the south, Envy nearly lost all of their watchtowers and got pushed onto their main base in Galeforce Grove."

However, as a true a testament to their resolve, Envy fought back hard and they found themselves having plenty of success for a period. Lugzi then went on to describe that ZORN had to go on the defensive claiming that, "With Karga'Dor and his team getting defeated several times, a huge back and forth started a rivalry between them." He then went on to say, "As my team was busy cleaning up the steppes and skirmishing with Gentlemen, we couldn't help out Karga'Dor's team, leading to Envy getting a foothold in that region and gaining more than 15 watchtowers."

He then went on to sum it up perfectly, commenting, "Overall it has been a good conflict with some back and forth. Both guilds respect each other and we're looking forward to future fights."

Feud Between Unsullied and Honor n Glory Grows

Another hot spot to keep your eye on is the extremely volatile area at the very Southern fringes of the Eastern Outlands. This particular patch of lands has been a hot bed of action since the test began, however, many of the guilds are longer in contention for of the territories.

At the moment there is currently two armed camps clashing their day after day. On one side you have Unsullied and Head-hunters from the KORN Alliance facing off against Honor n Glory [HnG]. KORN is one of the fairly new mega alliances that have been founded recently. HnG has been a majorly player since the early days and are part of the previously mentioned SNOW Alliance, looking to further their success even more.

"The goal of the alliance is to maintain supremacy north of Baile Braigh and near Welcoming Shadows," declared IlloG from Honor n Glory.  "For HnG is a matter of honour to step on the cockroaches that you call Head Hunters!"

They have stiff opposition as KORN is equally as large as SNOW with nearly 1600 members and plenty territories to go along with them. From the numbers alone you can clearly the sheer size and scale of the conflict unfolding.

KingMojo spoke to me on behalf of the KORN Alliance and he believes, "The ZvZ [Zerg vs Zerg] aspect has been one sided. Honor n Glory has had trouble in open world after Echo of Silence went inactive." The ZvZ of course being carried out by these 2 massive alliances on an incredible scale, mainly focused around the War Camps/Tents in the vicinity of Baile Braigh.

KingMojo moved on to state that, "the beef is mainly between Unsullied/Head Hunters and Honor n Glory." He then went on to say," Unsullied has the better A team, however, Honor n Glory's A team has improved a lot and they have one of the best healers in the game." This leads me to believe that the battle will be fierce and a true rivalry is forming. A lot is at stake here as one defeat in a GvG can cascade into the loss of multiple territories which would then require an immense effort from either party to recoup their losses.

At the moment there is no clear victor, however, check in on this area daily to see how the frontlines are changing.

These are just a few of the massive wars taking place out in the world of Albion Online. Let us know what you think about the skirmishes covered here in the comments below. Don't forget to keep your eyes on the official forums for all the latest developments within the community.


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