The first week of Final Beta is behind us, but the fights in Albion never end! Loweeeee is back with another War Report, keeping you up to date on what is happening at the frontlines.

The Albion War Report #2 - End of the First Week

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The first week of this new beta has come to a close. Hopefully, by now, you have settled in nicely, got yourself out of the mad dash at the starting blocks and started your Albion adventure. There is no reprieve just yet though, as the war to conquer Albion has just begun. The guilds of Albion are already on the march with the initial battles to capture territories underway, with their warriors clashing in both the open world and the Guild versus Guild scene. Our sources from the frontlines have brought us plenty of information to keep you informed and up to date!

[ZERG] Nilfgaard and [REIGN] WarLegend Strike the First Blows

It is becoming a bit of a habit for Nilfgaard to be first at everything. Initially claiming the first territory and now defending (and winning) in the first GvG of the new test. We have a hunch that WarLegend launched the attack upon the unsuspecting Nilfgaard, to further secure the area that they had settled in. The targeted territory was the farm plot in the Tainted Mound. I spoke with Stormshooter from Nilfgaard who informed me of their initial reaction to the attack:

"It was unexpected as we thought that WarLegend would push for the highest tiered gear from start. However they decided to take revenge upon us for the last test and do as we did to them, push them from the start and do not give them opportunity to develop."

The battle was fought with what was probably the highest tiered gear anyone had in the game at that point. Here is how both sides lined up:

Nilfgaard Team:

Spitfires - Warbow

Roroness - Iron-clad Staff

7Rayks - Glaive

Saymeth - Claymore

 Marmotte - Nature Staff

WarLegend Team:

Phocheuze - Dagger Pair

 Kam - Polehammer

Alfna - Great Frost Staff

Vulcan - Lifecurse Staff

MamadouseGPA - Holy Staff

The final score resulted in a resounding victory for the defending Nilfgaard team, who then went on the launch a counter attack with the new system. This may be something that we have all seen before, however, as the first GvG in the new test it deserves special recognition. What was the political result of this attack though?

"Our enemies are all those who are not in an alliance with us. That is the diplomatic principle that we follow", replied Stormshooter.

In short: the political consequences are minor. These two guilds would have butted heads together at some point and do have a little bit of history between them, after all.

[REIGN] Finstack Clashes With the [AV] Wolfpack

All over the Outlands there is blood being spilled in vast quantities as the GvG scene awakens. Another important battle of the first week was the fight between Finstack and Wolfpack in Starlit Grove. I know what you are thinking, "What a peaceful sounding place." Well, there was no peace here, just death. Lots of death. The actual GvG was preceded by a large scale open world battle as both sides looked to secure an edge over their opponents.

The fight inside the GvG was pretty one sided. Even though the Wolfpack fought valiantly throughout the battle, they were defeated in the end by a strong Finstack performance.

Whated from Finstack claimed, "In the GvG we managed to beat them fair and square. We immediately scheduled an attack for the next day again." Clearly showing the confidence him and his guild is carrying into this test.

To be fair to Wolfpack, they were outclassed in the gear department and we are sure they have made massive improvements since the fight.

Unlike the previous GvG we covered, this battle has grave ramifications. Whated added: "We plan to wage war against AV alliance in the future.  Our next target will probably be Suicide Squad or Scoia'Tael." Another great rivalry created in Albion Online even though the Final Beta has just stared. We will let you know more about this story as it develops!

[REIGN] Envy and [REIGN] Red Army Look to Secure Their Island

As most of the guilds have chosen to settle in the furthest reaches of the Outlands, Envy and Red Army have been left to their own devices on what is pretty much a 'deserted' island. Only a handful of guilds have claimed territory there, but the old powerhouses of the previous beta are looking to snuff out any competition in their area before it has a chance to mount a substantial challenge.

Envy has already mounted a large scale assault against the [BANG] KoK guild in the Ban Duchara cluster on the western coast of the island, taking one territory and presumably preparing to take the remaining plot. At the same time, Envy is looking to also clear out territories taken by N3rdfusion and the Exodia alliance. Red Army on the other hand saw off an outcropping from the Baka guild taking one of their building plots with little opposition.

If left unchecked, could Red Army and Envy repeat the success that they had in the previous test?

Diplomacy is Rife in The Outlands - New Alliances Develop

The RIVAL alliance gained a new member in the form of Retribution this week. At a critical time too, as it looks like they were under substantial pressure from the ZERG alliance. Unfortunately for Retribution, they are cut off from their alliance, as the ZERG alliance has secured all territories between them.

On the other border of the RIVAL territory, the EXODIA alliance is under siege, with [RIVAL] Jackals launching an attack against [Ex] LoD.

The Exodia alliance may prove to be a tough opponent, as they are currently the largest alliance in the very south of the Outlands. The alliance is made up of Mostly Harmless, Nox Noctis, LoD, Undead Lords, Hawaiian Pizza and Exodia.

Several new alliances have developed as well!

  • Tryhards [TY]: ZORN and T I T A N S
  • ONLY [ONLY]: KDS, Paterno and Devils Pact
  • BIG RICHAR [BIG]: Valhalla, Echo of Silence and Lusitani
  • Saviours [SAV]: Blackwaters, Unorthodox Arena and Isaniac
  • The Corporation [CORP]: Chaos, The Russian Bears, Empire and Celestial Being
  • Chaos and Disorder [CnD]: Kings of Chaos, Headhunters and Friendly

We will continue to keep you informed on the movements and actions of all the alliances, right here, in the War Report!

Tell us all about your war stories in the comments down below.


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