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The Albion Gazette Issue #4

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Posted by Luci Feb 26th, 2016 (Source)

The WRATH alliance emerges

Rest In Pieces prepared to make their mark in the West.

With tensions rising between the Eastern and Western Continent (detailed in the following segment), guilds are preparing to make their move in order to prove which continent is truly stronger. Rest In Pieces (RiP) is no different in their mindset and have been in search for allies to make a move on the Western Continent. The guild leader of RiP, Zeax, detailed the guilds’ recent endeavors with former alliances, as well as the emergence of a brand new alliance.

“As a guild, we love doing castle sieges, and we’ve been GvGing consistently in Wailing Wood. We recently decided to take a chance and do some GvG's for Glaficom (ENVY alliance) and try to join forces with them,” said Zeax. RiP placed their cards on the table and although they were successful in supporting Glaficom, things took a turn for the worse.

“After winning GvGs for them and joining their alliance, Money Guild freaked out and made the leader of the Alliance (EmiaShiro) disband the whole alliance. It was later reformed by Money Guild who said they would take our guild, and one other, but this isn't how RiP works,” affirmed Zeax. Rest in Pieces was seemingly unwilling to work with the new terms presented to them by Money Guild.

Upholding a family approach to the game, Zeax was clear that no man would be left behind under his supervision. “Our alliance is a group of friends who work well together and we were not willing to separate. RiP tries hard to treat its allies equally and with mutual respect. We don't like, under any circumstance, to disregard our friends.”

Zeax decided that it was time for RiP to take matters into their own hands. “We decided to reform our alliance with our previous members, dubbed WRATH,” said Zeax. Although their endeavor with the ENVY alliance fell short, Zeax made it clear that RiP still upholds a high level of respect for Glaficom. “The leaders of RiP feel that EmiaShiro is a good leader and has good knowledge of the game, RiP is still on good terms with Glaficom and greatly respects their GvG ability.”

Left with a bitter taste after the shortcomings of their previous alliance, RiP has switched their focus onto new goals moving forward. “Our future goals are to grow with our allied guilds on both the east and west side and to claim up the PvP ranking until we reach number 1, our main man VetonB is already up on Rank 1! So this is a great start,” Zeax told me.

With their ambitions set high, looking to make a mark on both the Eastern and Western continent, the guild leader maintains level-headedness in his approach. “We are not set on world domination but merely stability. Considering that this is a long test and we have many months to go, territories will be gained and lost in this time. Though, we are certainly happy to be part of an alliance with such ambitions,” said Zeax.

Undoubtedly ambitious, yet also recognizing the conquest threshold that the alliance can manage at large. “Who knows? Maybe WRATH will one day recognize its full potential. But for the here an now, we want our friends for the long term and we are looking to closely situate them with us.”

The West versus The East; on the verge of Albion’s First World War.

The whispers amongst the community speak upon strings being pulled behind the scenes for Albion, at large, to experience its First World War. Sources have confirmed that those whispers are now a reality and notable guilds from each continent are preparing for an all-out bloodbath between one another. In fact, some of the strongest guilds on each continent have already tested the waters and attacked one another on their respective homelands; namely Homeland Security, Deimos and the NO alliance (Easterners), versus Money Guild, Glaficom and the ENVY alliance (Westerners). 

Homeland Security initiated the first attack on the Western Continent by aggressing Money Guild in Redwater Cove.

Ultimately, Money Guild was able to secure the defense of their plot and the ENVY alliance retaliated by counterattacking Homeland Security in Goldvein. This counter attack resulted in a second victory for the ENVY alliance. With two victories under their belt, Money Guild furthered their endeavor against the NO alliance by initiating an attack on the Eastern Continent as well. The continent that Homeland Security and Deimos call home. Reassuringly for the NO alliance, they were also able to defend their home turf successfully, which has left the current state of affairs at a standstill. In the end, which continent will come out victorious?

Carrion Copse in its most Fragile state.

The conquest of Carrion Copse has been an ongoing (seemingly never-ending) battle that has reached its most odd state in the war, in terms of territory ownership. Originally under control of WarLegend and the VVar alliance, the ownership of Carrion Copse has continually switched to various guilds throughout Closed Beta, until it has reached the state that it is currently in. Four guilds currently own claims inside of Carrion Copse, with three different alliances holding minimal stakes within the zone.

Recently, the entire zone was under control of a single alliance. However, with a rather witty move on the part of Echo of Silence, the security of the zone was placed under jeopardy in a flash. Echo of Silence was able to swindle two of the city plots from former stakeholders in the vicinity. They followed up by providing one city plot to their ally, Nilfgaard, while keeping one for themselves. The other two guilds who are current stakeholders in the zone are aNc and Chicken Kiss, both representing different alliances of their own. Depicted on the left are the current state of affairs within Carrion Copse.

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