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The Drama Unfolds! “BC is at a halt.”

Inner-Guild Turmoil

On Wednesday, sources have confirmed that BC is experiencing some serious inner-guild conflict and the entire organization has been put on standby. They are often credited for a dominant performance during the last Alpha test, however, an unfortunate turn of events has left the guild at contention within its own ranks. According to the former Right Hand of BC, Laxist, “things were going smoothly until about a week in when we messed up with our refiners and crafters.” This led to a heated debate amongst the members which ultimately forced BC’s primary ally, Finstack, into the loop of drama. “We asked the Fins if we could join their system and keep everything on their Auction House in communistic fashion.” 

On the verge of relying on another guild for sustainability, it seems that there was a lack of communication between leadership and membership, and neither side was happy. “We started to realize that a number of the new recruits were slacking off and dying a ton, while at the same time not giving back nearly as much as they were taking out.  People were taking advantage of the hard labor of others, and we really needed to come to a resolution for this issue,” said Laxist.

To think that matters could have gotten any worse would be an understatement. “We told the slackers that if they wanted to remain in the guild, they had to fulfill a minimum gathering requirement of 1 million fame.” Even with the new goal in place, there was evidently a number of recruits constantly back-talking and still not pulling their weight. An unspecified leader in BC was at his breaking point. “This isn’t the guild I had in the past 2 tests, so before I decide to take matters in to my own hands and kick everyone out of the guild, I’m just going to quit.” Another [unspecified] leader argued that there was no reason to allow the new recruits to take control of the guild, and set forth the proposition of removing all the ‘dead-weight’ from the guild; a mass eradication, if you will. Laxist happily took up on the initiative and the extermination process began. “We kicked everyone from the guild and accepted back the members who had a good mindset. Before we could detail the decision to everyone in the guild, some members began to show their true colors and the salt train followed,” said Laxist. 

Although BC is clearly at a standstill on what their next move will be, the core of the guild is still standing strong. “To sum it all up, the core of BC still plays, and will probably make a new guild when launch comes around.”  Laxist is in hopes that this mess can be cleaned up and hopefully provide for a promising future for the organization.

WarLegend in trouble!

Nilfgaard’s Relentless Conquest

Nilfgaard has been absolutely dominating Closed Beta. With 43 territories and counting (more than double of the second closest guild, TITANS, who own 18 territories) the Russians have made their statement clear: they want to take over the entirety of Albion and obliterate everyone and everything in their path.  Nilf’s star A team, consisting of Jagger, Belobaka, Lolwhat, Shiroi and Hideo, have set eyes on WarLegend’s main base, which may prove to be troublesome for the French organization to defend. The world-map (as depicted above) could not make it any more clear that WarLegend is under pressure and will need to develop some well-thought-out strategies in order to keep the Russians off their tail. Will WarLegend be able to defend their claim to the invaluable black zone territories?

Paradox Turns a New Leaf

The Disintegration of Death

The ‘Death’ alliance originally came as a shock to us all, with a number of notable guilds (Lords of Death, Paradox, Rest in Pieces, Cloak and Dagger and Singha) working in conjunction to dominate the East Continent. Albeit, Death seems to have fallen short of their goals and the alliance is no more.

Dworf, the leader of Paradox, has taken it upon himself to re-establish his guild under a single identity and turn a new page in the Australian chapter of Albion. “Death was started by LoD and the five guilds involved had a very strong foundation for the first three weeks. The problem is we were forced into a non-aggression pact with none other than the beast that is Hammer and Sickle,” Dworf said.

He was completely against the newly-found non-aggression pact with Hammer & Sickle as he considers them to be one of his most notable rivals. “We [Paradox] decided to leave the Death alliance and go solo. We moved to Boneharbour and quickly built up our guild island to allow everyone to PvP and progress.     

Dworf found it very unfortunate that Paradox could not work things out with the rest of the alliance. “We felt like Death was something that could have worked out, but the lack of communication, conjoint with the member numbers falling off after the 2nd week, led us into feeling that it was time to move out and do our own thing. In the end we are glad we did,” said Dworf.  It is evident that new aspirations will present Paradox with new challenges moving forward.    

“My right hand man, Aydos, and I are constantly working on new ideas. I am currently gathering numbers for a mass grouping of an Oceanic time-zone division as well as a North American and European division to compete on the big stage round the clock.”  The thought of the entirety of the Oceanic player-base banding together under a single guild to compete with the rest of the world is not only astonishing, but scary in the same respect.     

Although Paradox has had to adapt at such rapid pace, relative to the rest of the organizations across the world, their determination could not be any more apparent. “Paradox is currently trying to rally the troops for the, all-new, Oceanic guild division for release. In any case, if the numbers aren’t there, then we will be going into the game release as Paradox. We are more ready than ever,” Dworf replied.  

This news article was fetched automatically from the official Albion Online website.


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