The Harvest Challenge is coming - get a Spectral Bat and other powerful rewards!

Take the Adventurer’s Challenge and Win Exclusive Rewards

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A New Challenge Awaits!

Starting in October, you can participate in Monthly Adventurer's Challenges to win mounts, consumables, and other exclusive rewards. Collect gathering, fishing, and PvE Fame and fill weekly and monthly progress bars to win that month's rewards. Daily bonuses give an extra points boost, while monthly rewards can be unlocked at any time.

With a wide range of ways to earn points, Adventurer's Challenges fit any playstyle, from solo gatherers to hardcore dungeon-divers to master anglers. Take the challenge and get rewards for playing an active role in the world of Albion!

Claim All-New Rewards

Adventurer's Challenges will bring powerful new items to the world of Albion, which will be updated each month. Here are some of the items coming your way starting in October:

EPIC MOUNTS: October's Harvest Challenge introduces the Spectral Bat, which combines the speed of a Direwolf with an evasive Flicker spell, allowing you to escape unscathed from open-world encounters – or catch up with your prey. Future Challenges will bring a huge variety of new mounts with a vast array of stats, abilities, and appearances.

POWERFUL CONSUMABLES: The Spectral bat is not the only thing you can earn during the Harvest Challenge: in addition, there will be powerful all-new consumables you can earn that give epic buffs and rewards. Along with Silver, these have a chance of appearing in weekly reward chests, and include: 

  • Scrolls of Repair: Scrolls that, when activated, will instantly repair all currently equipped items
  • Focus Restoration Potions: Potions that instantly restore a significant number of Focus Points
  • Adventurer's Tomes: Character-bound books that instantly grant a large amount of Combat Fame to all equipped items

SEASONAL SPECIALS: October is not only harvest time, it's also the month of Samhain, when spirits emerge from the depths and roam the lands of Albion. Each month will feature a selection of thematic and seasonal items available to active Adventurers. 


Solo, Group, and Guild Players Welcome

Adventurer's Challenges offer rewards for staying active in Albion, and give all player types – solo, small-group, or guild – a chance to see tangible rewards for engaging in open-world activities.

For more information on Adventurer's Challenges, including everything you need to know about earning points and collecting rewards, check out the Frequently Asked Questions on the Albion Online forum.


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