This week we spotlight LAKoolJ, a streamer focused on group combat, high-level healing, and supporting the greater Albion community.

Streamer Spotlight: LAKoolJ

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Name: LAKoolJ
Follow his stream at:
General Streaming Schedule:
Monday 8am / Thursday 4pm / Friday 4pm / Saturday 3pm / Sunday 8am (all times PST)
Main Focuses: Large-scale group fights (ZvZ).  I also do open world PvP/ ganking/ gathering and I love to Fame farm. And yes I'm a Hardcore Expedition sinner ;)

How did you get into streaming?

I always wanted to stream but I never had the time due to being a full-time touring musician. But after I moved California I got the time to set up a good PC and watch tons of videos, and got help from a buddy of mine with artwork. I remember being on tour watching streams and wishing I could do that, and I finally got my chance and I'm not looking back!

 How long have you been an Albion streamer?

Since July 17, 2017, the day Albion Online came out. Albion Online was my first stream ever.

How is streaming Albion different from streaming other games?

This game has an outstanding Twitch community. Just go and bounce around the streamers, we all want to help people learn the game or see things they haven't seen before.

No matter what I'm doing, I always take time to make sure players get the help and advice they need. And my community doesn't mind at all, in fact most of them help out by answering questions and pointing players in the right direction. Which, if you think about it, is crazy for a hardcore full-loot PvP game with the stakes being this high. Most games that are this punishing have a very toxic community.

Streamers tend to play as ranged fighters, tanks, and other damage-dealing roles, but you play as a healer. How does this affect your streams? Does it ever lead to interesting situations?

It definitely shows a whole new side of the game. In big ZvZ fights, it's fun for my viewers as I normally never die, so they get to see the whole fight and how it plays out. I used to sit in the back like the healer should, but in the last few months I've been going closer to the tanks to give the viewers a closer look at what the frontline is doing.

The only bad thing is when the fight is over and there are a few players left to kill... I can’t kill them! So I’m just chasing them and pinging where they are for someone to come take 'em out. But all in all I love healing in Albion Online. I've always played a healer in games and I think this game has the perfect combination of target-style healing and action combat style.

What is your general approach to streaming? Do you plan out activities in advance, or head out into the world and see what happens?

Most days I start with a few HCEs to just get warmed up, or go out and solo Fame farm and look for fights. Then we have war camps, which often create nice ZvZ fights. From there I just kinda go with the flow of the game. Could be roaming looking for fights, dungeon diving, defending our mages, or any type of territory attack. The best thing about Albion Online is that even if you do the same thing multiple times, that one thing will be different every time you do it.

Do you have a favorite stream, or a favorite moment from one of your streams?

Every reset day is always so much fun. King Mojo's birthday was a really great stream - we went around on a Command Mammoth inviting groups to come kill us and saying they could have it for free.

Once I was doing a giveaway and players kept donating things to give away, which went on for around 9 hours at what was supposed to be the end of my stream. Every time I thought I was done someone else would trade me some tasty loot and we'd keep going!

To be honest, every stream is my favorite stream. I get to log into my favorite game with the best guild (Blue Army, my family). I also play with TONS of players from other guilds. I get to turn my stream on and hang out with an amazing community!

Any ideas of new content for future streams?

I've been working on the idea of having a hunt-style stream a few times a week where I go out solo or with two players and try to have other players kill me, and whoever succeeds gets a nice reward like a mount of their choice. I think it would create a lot of funny moments.

Do you have any advice or tips for those considering Albion, either to stream or just to play?

Hands down this is the best sandbox MMORPG you will ever play! I've had hundreds of players come into my stream saying they're not sure or don't play games like this, and they are still playing the game and enjoying it. Come by the stream or any streamer and ask for a trial code, we got you!

Anything else to add?

Just a big shout out to my Twitch community and all my mods, you guys are truly amazing and help me be a better person every day, in game and out. One last thing... ARMOORRRR PIEEEEERCEEE! <3

Can you share some of your favorite clips with us?

Guide to all Holy Staffs in Albion Online:

Hellgates - Holy Healer + Judy combo:

Thanks for the Mammoths:

Enjoy the clips? Be sure to follow LAKoolJ on Twitch and Youtube, and stay tuned for more Streamer Spotlights coming soon.


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