Boomslang discusses his laid-back approach to videos and his passion for helping new players.

Streamer Spotlight: Boomslang Gaming

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Name: Boomslang Gaming
Channel (link):
Main Focus: Tutorial/Compilation videos, some Ganking/ZvZ, and game reviews

This week's Streamer Spotlight is slightly different: as opposed the the Twitch streamers we usually feature, we talked to Boomslang Gaming, who is exclusively on YouTube. He discusses his relatively laid-back approach to making videos, and his passion for helping newer players learn the ropes in the sometimes unforgiving world of Albion.

How did you first get into Albion Online? What were some of your first AO videos?

I first heard of Albion years ago and was getting tired of WOW and decided I wanted to give it a go. To be honest did not enjoy it at first as I was used to being spoon-fed everything from WOW. But I kept with it, and in April 2019 I released my first Albion online video, “Things I wish I knew”. There is so much to learn in Albion and new players can sometimes make mistakes. I have Albion Online to thank for my channel's success!

What is your general approach to making videos? Do you plan out activities in advance, or head out into the world and see what happens?

Depending on the vid I will line up a script to some degree, but almost always end up freestyling. Some people do not like that and others love it. When it comes to PvP content it's totally down to what happens.

Do you have a favorite video, or a favorite moment from a video you could share with us?

I have two favorite videos. First, my Black Market flipping video: I was told by a friend that if you go to the outer starting towns and purchase tier 2 items for 2-10 Silver per item, you can transport them back to Caerleon and sell them for 200-1200 Silver each. It is to date my highest viewed and liked video and makes me proud that I shared it instead of keeping it to myself!

Second, I really enjoyed making “Albion Online Blue Army Vs Everyone! OOPS - NASA - BMATS - MOUNT - WIN!” Here I used music overlay for the first time and I wanted to try and line up the music with the action onscreen.

What are some aspects of the game you'd like to cover in the future?

I am looking forward to the Hideout feature, and if I am honest it is all I am thinking about! I have made a new guild with my group of friends and we focus mainly on ganking and open-world PvP. (Gank Kings is the name and we are recruiting.) A Hideout will become our treasure cave of looted bodies!

Do you have any advice or tips for other players who are considering being Albion content creators?

I would say be honest and open, the community has grown a lot over the years and there is not much left to teach experienced players. If you get hate or dislike keep going as there are people out there that like your content! Just do what you feel like doing and be natural and people will enjoy it and come back for more.

Anything else to add?

I want to thank Albion Online and the staff at SBI for making an amazing game and being super supportive to the community and creators.

Also a big thank you to the two alliances I was in, plus Xanadu, Whackingparrot, Eadoin and my other friends. Without those people and alliances I would not have made it this far this quickly.

And lastly, thank you to all my subscribers and people that whisper me ingame to give me support!

Can you share some of your favorite videos with us?

Random PvP Moments:

Level Gathering Tiers Fast:

Making Money Artifact Salvaging:


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