Mark your calendars - Albion Online comes to Steam in just over a week!

Steam Launch Day: May 16!

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We've already announced the Steam launch of Albion Online, and now we're ready to reveal the date: May 16. If you've been waiting for a Steam launch to join the world of Albion, or hoping to introduce a friend to the game via Steam, the big day is almost here.

To set the mood, we've released an action-packed new trailer:

The Steam version of Albion Online will of course support the typical Steam features, including achievements. And we're very excited to announce that, as a thank-you to our veteran players, all achievements developed for the Steam launch will also be available in the native Albion Online client. Get ready for a whole range of new goals, from straightforward achievements that track your hunting, gathering, and crafting progress to hardcore objectives that will truly test your mettle.

Additionally, we're celebrating the Steam launch of Albion Online by giving old and new players alike a week-long Fame boost. From May 16-22, all players will get 25% more Fame for all activities in the world of Albion - gathering, crafting, killing mobs, and everything else. The boost is automatic, so get ready to log in and send your Fame levels skyrocketing!

We hope you'll join us in celebrating this launch, and extending a very warm welcome to the new players it will bring to the world of Albion!


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