A familiar face takes the first-place crown, but other battles came down to the final day.

Season 11 Wrapup

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The Season 11 victor, like that of Season 10, was decided in dark smoky rooms long before the first territory fell. However, unlike in season 10, Black 0rder had to diversify its methods of gaining points due to changes made by SBI. No longer could they rely solely on the Crystal League and their mercenary teams. Instead they earned it the old-fashioned way: by securing Castles, Castle Outposts, and World Bosses. They still participated in the Crystal League, but according to FreddRiddick that only accounted for about 30% of their points. The rest were earned through the hard work put in by guild members. Sure they had some help, and yes some of the points were easier to get because of agreements made between Alliance leaders, but no one can say Black 0rder didn't earn first place.

Black 0rder got out to an early lead and only grew as the season went on. Rumor has it they intend to do the same in Season 12 and have already made agreements with Lord Syndic and KingMojo to ensure they will not face opposition.

Lower in the rankings, however, a fierce competition was had as guilds fought tooth and nail for second place. OnePunchMan and Last Warn fought until the very last round of the Crystal League to secure points, with OPM pushing past LW during the final round of 20v20s by only a few thousand points. The final day of 5v5 Crystals took on a new level of importance as both guilds fought each other with proxy teams in an attempt to secure second place. At times it felt as if every five-man team was representing either OnePunchMan or Last Warn. In the end, OnePunchMan was able to hold onto their lead despite the tremendous efforts of Last Warn. Both guilds should be commended for their efforts as they truly put in their all to win.

The battle for second place, however, wasn't the only competition the season saw. One of the longest territory battles in the history of Albion Online took place during Season 11 as the forces of Monkey, RAID, and Black 0rder attempted to remove the rental empire of POE from the Outlands. The war raged for months with the ANTI-POE coalition taking huge swaths of territory from POE and their allies before the tides turned. Eventually, through diplomacy and force, Syndic was able to take back his lands and force a retreat from POE lands.

February 21st Albion War Report featuring the ANTI-POE Coalition vs POE and friends:

Though close to achieving their goals, internal struggles and the diplomatic strength of POE were too much for the ANTI-POE coalition. By the end of the season they were a shadow of their former selves, forced to band together under a single alliance now much weaker than they were at the height of their empire. However, not all is lost, and it would not be wise to count out Mamono and his followers. Another season is on its way and the world of Albion never remains the same for long. Guilds often change their loyalties and war is always around the corner.

Playlists featuring the Season 11 Crystal League and the Albion War report:

Season Rankings

  1. Black 0rder (532325)
  2. OnePunchMan (463642)
  3. Last Warn (445941)
  4. R A I D (300133)
  5. War Gods (297506)
  6. SUN (281062)
  7. Crimson Imperium Reborn (260654)
  8. Last Warn II (260443)
  9. Blue Army (259003)
  10. RA II D (240863)

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