This Saturday, the Avalonian Invasion reaches a new level of intensity.

Saturday's Invasions Bring a Fearsome New Foe

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Saturday marks the third Territory Reset Day of the Avalonian Invasion Standalone Season, with Season Points earned by guilds doubled. The next Territory Reset Day follows just one week later, and will be the final day of traditional GvGs in Albion.

In addition to the Avalonian Mage world bosses, which will continue to give Season Points, a new type of Avalonian world boss will appear in the Outlands. These fearsome and mysterious creations will appear at random throughout the Outlands, spawn approximately every 5 hours, are suited for groups of 10-20, and give Season Points as follows:

  • Anglia and Glouvia: 80 Season Points
  • Cumbria and Siluria: 112 Season Points
  • Mercia: 144 Season Points

Here's a list of all the remaining dates for the season:

January 4 Territory Reset Day #3, Scores Doubled
January 11 Territory Reset Day #4, GvGs End
January 13 Territory Reset Day #5
January 15 Territory Reset Day #6
January 16 Territory Reset Day #7
January 17 Territory Reset Day #8
January 19 End-of-Season Event
January 20 Season Ends

Saturday marks the beginning of the end of the Outlands as we know them. Get ready for a new challenge, and be sure to watch all the action live on AlbionTV!


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