The Albion community memorializes the vanished Outlands in song and verse.

Requiem for the Old Outlands

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The launch of the Queen update brought a whole new Outlands continent, shaped by the immense magic of the Avalonians. With the old Outlands now just a memory, we asked for tributes to this lost land from the Albion community. The results were truly impressive, and while choosing from among such strong entries was hard, we are happy to announce the winners...

Winner: WipeHype

Congrats to our hands-down winner WipeHype, who channeled his inner bard to create this toe-tapping tune:

The first runner-up is Shaedeezy who made us dream about tales around the campfire and portals to another world:

I gaze through portal bright,
We sit around a flickering fire drying our mud-caked boots
Sharing our spoils and watching the stars move across still waters
I see it all in that regal purple light: the crackling fire, the glint of gold, the brilliant stars
The land has changed- will I find them there again? In that dry spot among the mangrove roots?
I step through portal bright.

The second runner-up is Vadisint who forced us to face the ghosts of our past and shed a tear for what we have lost:

Where are the wide fields of Anglia and Glouvia?
Where are the winter peaks of Cumbria and Siluria?
Where are the elder woods of Mercia?
Only wisps of their memory now remain.
The world is changed, the gate is gone,
And a scar mars the face of our fair Caerleon.

Finally, we have our Honorable Mentions who entertained us through and through. Congrats to:


To see the complete thread, where you can read the runners-up along with all contest entries, click here.

Thanks to all the participants!


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