Get this festive and faithful Transport Ox skin in the new referral season.

Refer One Friend and Claim the Yuletide Yak

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The first snowfalls have arrived in Albion, and the nights are growing colder. It’s the time of year to put up ornaments, dance, drink, and be merry. But everywhere there is a confused silence, and the streets lay bare. The gifts haven’t arrived! Will Yuletide be canceled?

Then a bell rings in the distance, and soon the beating of hooves can be heard as steam emanates from broad, bovine nostrils. Rejoice: the Yuletide Yak has arrived bearing gifts!

Yes, a new referral season has begun, and you can transform your Transport Ox base mount into this dependable, decorated yak by referring a single friend! Once unlocked, it can be used by any character on your account.


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