Today's patch brings numerous combat balance changes, updates to the zerg debuff, and other changes.

Percival Patch 11 is Here

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The Avalonian Invasion is in full swing, guilds are battling it out in a unique standalone season... and Percival Patch 11 is here! Today's patch brings the beginning of  several important updates to combat in Albion, in particular:

  • The zerg debuff values have been updated to more effectively reward smaller armies
  • Zerg debuffs no longer apply during GvGs, regardless of how many allied players are in the territory
  • Healing Sickness duration has been increased 
  • Siege Ballista damage has been increased
  • Numerous other melee, ranged, and magic skills have been updated 

Michael Schwahn, Combat Designer for Albion Online, describes the intent behind these changes: "We wanted to shake up the healer meta a bit, and to push the siege ballista as a viable counter to other battle mounts. We also felt it was time to reduce the utility of Parry Strike, in order to open up more of a variety with bruiser builds." These changes will play out over the remainder of the standalone season, which runs through January 19.

Additional Changes

In a first for the world of Albion, Uncle Frost now appears as a boss in certain rare dungeons! Group and solo Keeper Randomized Dungeons in all zones have a chance to end in a special Yuletide Dungeon, where you'll face off against this mysterious foe. Beat him to unlock Christmas-themed loot, including a chance at holiday-themed mount skins.

Also with today's patch, a new Adventurer Avatar is available at the Vanity Merchant. This new item joins the Adventurer Avatar Ring in a growing list of vanity items – trade in unclaimed Adventurer's Challenge Avatar Rings for Adventurer Tokens to unlock these new items!

For a complete list of changes, please see the official changelog.


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