Today's patch improves fishing in Albion with upgrades and bug fixes.

Patch 9 Brings Fishing Improvements

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Anglers rejoice! Today's patch is dedicated to the topic of fishing. In addition to resolving several issues that hindered the higher-tier fishing experience, we've also taken this opportunity to review rewards and bonuses for all tiers. With today's changes, fishing will be more rewarding at all levels, but rewards will now increase even more at higher-tier zones, especially for players who prepare with special gear and foods.

Here's a partial list of what's new:

  • Chance for bonus seaweed that increases with the tier of the fishing spot
  • Gathering bonuses from food now also apply to fishing yield
  • Fishing gear now applies bonuses to T1 fish and seaweed
  • Destiny Board fishing bonuses now apply to all tiers

With the Mists of Albion buff running until April 7, it's the perfect time to grab a fishing pole and head for the waters of Albion!

As always, you can read the complete list of changes in the official patchnotes.

Meet the Eggsecutioner

With Easter just around the corner, today's patch introduces a new wardrobe skin: The Eggsecutioner. This elaborately built, Heretic-themed contraption uses arcane poultry magic to fire three different types of eggs, which hatch into rabbits, frogs, and marmots when fired.

Note: during the upcoming Easter Event (April 8-22), this item will also be purchasable via Surprise Egg tokens that will be obtainable throughout the world.

As with all vanity skins, once acquired it is unlocked for all characters on an account, and can be displayed in city, island, and Hideout zones via the ingame settings.


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