Today's patch brings important updates to alliance limits, Black Market loot, and Outlands Portal Zones.

Patch 7 is Here

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Today's patch brings further changes and improvements to several essential issues. First and foremost is the second part of our previously announced alliance limit test, reduced Silver and Fame for members of alliances with 10+ territories. We've also further improved the loot experience in all randomized dungeons, and added invisibility shrines and additional exits to Outlands portal zones to give players a bit of protection when entering Albion's black zones.

Alliance Limitations Update

Since the launch of the Queen update in January, we've put a great deal of effort into countering the outsized effect of mega-alliances in Albion. Patch 5 introduced a Siphoned Energy Drain on guilds and alliances with 10 or more territories that was intended to force large alliances to consider the costs when claiming large numbers of territories. With today's patch, all players in these guilds and alliances will receive reduced Silver and Fame income.

Both these new systems are part of our current alliance limit test - for more information, please see this forum post.

Better Dungeon Loot

Based on community feedback, we've decided to increase the appearance of higher-tier loot in high-level dungeons to make sure these challenging settings have equally worthwhile rewards. More specifically, T7 dungeons will only have T5 loot and higher and T8 dungeons will only have T6 loot and higher. This was accomplished by shifting the Black Market's allocated Silver to higher-tier items, while keeping the overall Silver value of chests the same.

Anti-Ganking Measures in Portal Zones

Based on community feedback that gankers in Outlands Portal Zones (the very first zones entered when passing through a Realmgate) made these areas far more dangerous than their higher-level counterparts, we've implemented various changes with this patch. It was never intended that any player's first moments in the Outlands should be the most challenging, and as such these features will give new Outlands arrivals a fighting chance.

Here's what's been added:

  • Invisibility Shrines have been added to the immediate area around each Outlands portal
  • These shrines have also been placed by each exit from the portal zone
  • Each portal zone has a total of four exits to avoid bottlenecks

For full details of these changes and the intentions behind them, please see this forum post.

As always, you can read the full list of changes and fixes in the official patchnotes.


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