Get all the details of Nimue Patch 6, including economic updates, audio upgrades, and combat and spell changes.

Patch 6 Brings Crafting Bonuses, Spell Fixes, and More

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Nimue Patch 6 launched today, bringing several important economic updates along with audio upgrades and an assortment of combat and spell changes.

Most significant among the changes are the higher travel cost modifier of certain laborer journals and the increased local refining efficiency bonuses of the Royal Cities. These changes bring the time and risk involved in transporting goods more in line with the rewards, and, conversely, offer greater rewards to those willing to put in the time to transport goods.

For full details of Nimue Patch 6, see below.

Nimue Patch #6 - Ver. 1.13.369 / REV 134359 - 28 January 2019


  • Royal Armor can now be enchanted with the corresponding Runes, Souls, and Relics
  • Further improved Arena matchmaking to more equally balance skill levels between teams
  • GvG and Crystal Realm match result notifications changed from pop-up windows to white text to avoid hindering gameplay
  • Audio improvements:
    • Redesigned Holy and Nature Staff auto-attack and impact sounds
    • Reworked sounds for Direboar, Moabird, and Impala mounts
    • Added idle sounds to Alchemist
  • Animation improvements:
    • Updated effects for Fire Aura and Razor Cut


  • Fast travel costs have been increased for laborer journals used to produce resources or refined resources
    • The cost is now roughly the same as it would be to transport the corresponding resources (calculated at 100% laborer happiness) directly
  • Local refining efficiency bonuses in Royal Cities have been raised to make transporting materials to these cities more worthwhile. (Note: these bonuses are only part of the formula that determines total return rate in a given crafting location.) Here is how the boost to local production bonuses affects resource return rates:
    • Current (old) resource return rate: 30% without focus / 50% with focus
    • Patch 6 (new) resource return rate: 35% without focus / 53% with focus
  • Watchtower Attack Range: 15m → 20m
    • This change should make it harder to tower dive - for example, in forest territories, the watchtower should now cover the whole circular platform
  • The behavior of the Sacrifice skill has been updated for cases where the caster is below 15% Max HP:
    • Casting on self (changed): now heals before dealing damage, meaning you can no longer commit suicide by casting the spell on yourself
    • Casting on an ally (not changed): heals the ally and deals damage to yourself simultaneously, meaning you can still die when casting the spell on others
  • Christmas decorations have been removed from cities


  • Fixed an issue where GvG result notifications were sometimes sent to the wrong team
  • Fixed a bug where furniture items could not be destroyed inside buildings
  • Fixed an issue where material/resource items trashed by a player before dying were still included in total kill fame
  • Fixed an issue where items in Enchant view would stay locked when switching to Transmute tab
  • Updated loot bag visuals for red-flagged players in parties: loot bags no longer appear claimable
  • Changed the primetime of Mudpool Steppe from 05:00 UTC to 01:00 UTC as intended
  • Spell fixes:
    • Fixed a bug where spells would still go on cooldown even after failing due to target being invisible
    • Fixed a bug where AOE spells could damage players getting up from a knockdown
    • Tear Apart now spreads Bleeding stacks even when the target dies
    • Fixed an issue where Fearless Strike triggered multiple sound effects and damaged targets twice when caster was slowed
    • Fixed an issue where Threatening Smash's hit direction could be changed just before impact
    • Fixed an issue where explosive mines did not deal damage to any character when triggered by a damage-immune character
    • Replaced energy cost of "free" with "0"  in all spell tooltips for consistency
  • Frost Ram is now invincible for the duration of its leap as intended
  • Unnecessary "item is no longer required" message no longer appears when upgrading buildings
  • Fixed an issue where the Party Finder could not be used when a character disconnected while in Arena or Expedition
  • Fixed an issue where party roles could not be changed in Crystal GvGs or custom matches
  • Fixed an issue where GVG ally invitations were not canceled when the invited player disconnected
  • Additional minor graphical, UI, animation, texture, terrain, audio, and localization fixes

For the full archive of current and past changelogs and game updates, visit the Updates page.


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