Today's patch brings Siphoned Energy Drain and numerous other changes.

Patch 5 is Alive!

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As announced in a recent forum post, we are looking at ways to limit the influence of large alliances in Albion. With today's patch (the fifth weekly patch since the launch of the Queen update!), we have implemented the first part of this test: Siphoned Energy Drain.

Siphoned Energy Drain

This debuff gives reduced Siphoned Energy gains to all alliances and unallied single guilds that have ten or more territories, with each additional territory beyond ten further decreasing energy earned by 5%. Along with adjustments to the Smart Cluster Queue and Zerg Debuff (see below), this change is intended to make larger alliances and guilds consider carefully whether holding higher quantities of territories is worthwhile.

The second part of this test, Fame and Silver Penalties for members of alliances and guilds with over 10 territories, will come with Queen Patch 6. This patch has an expected launch date of Wednesday, March 4.

You can read further details on the official patchnotes page.

Other Changes and Fixes

Patch 5 brings additional changes intended to limit the influence of large armies, as well as fixes and polishing:

  • Minimum average IP for Smart Cluster Queue reduced from 800 to 700
  • Zerg Debuff ("Disarray";) values increase more quickly for larger armies
  • Cooldown implemented on rejoining dropped guilds and alliances
  • Transmutation times significantly reduced
  • Ability to fast travel to "Home" locations
  • Ability to retrieve items from Hideouts that can no longer be accessed
  • Small Tier 7 and Tier 8 nodes now spawn fully charged
  • Removed unnecessary warnings when picking up farmed items

We'll be deploying additional patches in the coming weeks to bring even more improvements and fixes to the game. As always, we welcome your feedback on Discord or our forums!


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