You only have one more week left to grab your Founder Pack, don’t miss out!

Only One Week Left to Grab a Founder Pack!

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With the official release of Albion Online around the corner, our Founder program is coming to an end. On July 9th, at 21:00 UTC, the Founder Packs will become unavailable. That means you have only one more week left to purchase a Founder Pack or upgrade your existing one to get your hands on its exclusive goodies such as the Explorer’s mounts, unique avatar rings, equipment, and more!

The 9th of July does not only mark the end of our Founder program, but it is also the day on which the servers go down in preparation for release on July 17th. The servers will stay down until the 17th – with more information on exact starting times for the different packs following next week. More information on exact opening times of the server will follow next week.

You, our loyal Founder community, helped us shape Albion through several tests and make it what it is today. To show our gratitude, every Founder will receive an extra 10% Gold on release!

Founder Pack



Veteran Founder Pack

2,000 Gold

2,200 Gold

Epic Founder Pack

4,500 Gold

4,950 Gold

Legendary Founder Pack

12,000 Gold

13,200 Gold

This bonus Gold of course also applies when upgrading your Founder Pack. On top of that, Legendary Founders will now also receive the Epic Explorer’s Equipment and silver avatar, and avatar ring.

Note: You will not be able to upgrade your Founder Pack after July 9, 21:00 UTC. 


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