Nimue brings Crystal Realm Battles, a new Party Finder, changeable guild logos, open-world markers and party roles, and tons more features and upgrades.

Nimue is Live!

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Nimue, the fifth major post-launch update for Albion Online, is now live! This update brings Crystal Realm Battles and a Party Finder to the world of Albion, along with numerous other features, improvements, and changes.

What's New?

For old and new players alike, Nimue brings features, improvements, and optimizations for everyone. Here's an overview of what's new:

Crystal Realm Battles

Enter the Crystal Realm, a new arena set in an alternate plane, and face off against other guilds in full-loot, 5v5 battles with valuable rewards. With a huge number of daily fights and loot that is proportionally divided based on performance, the Crystal Realm offers new and upcoming GvG teams a chance at the spoils of guild warfare.

Party Finder

The Party Finder is an all-new lobby system that allows Albion's solo players, small groups, and guilds to create and join parties and participate in a broad range of open-world activities.

Guild Logo Updates

You can now change guild logos after creation, as well as preview logos during creation on varied backgrounds like banners, horses, shields and capes.

New Monsters and Capes

Guardian Aspects are smaller versions of the current Raid Guardians, which spawn throughout the open world and offer valuable resources. And the five new Mob Faction capes (created with special crests dropped by elite mobs) complement diverse combat builds with unique passive spells.

Numerous Quality-of-Life Improvements

Nimue also brings numerous other quality-of-life improvements, including:

  • Ability to mark allies/enemies and see party roles in the open world
  • Streamlined crop and building placement
  • Increased chat history and lockable chat lines
  • Guild account logs for currency transactions

Want the full details of every single feature, improvement, and change coming with the Nimue update? You can view the complete changelog here.


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