Guild Warfare Season 4 starts September 29 - claim your War Rhino and a permanent place in Albion's history!

New Guild Season Rewards are Here - War Rhinos, Statues, and More

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Guild Warfare Season 4 starts on September 29! Participate in this season and earn powerful exclusive rewards – read on for all the details.

To get you ready for season 4, all players logging in between September 19 and September 26 will receive 7 days of free Premium as well as a 25% boost to all PvE Fame earned. Use these buffs wisely to improve your chances of claiming the legendary rewards below!

Exclusive Mount: The War Rhino

By participating in a guild which earns at least Bronze rank, you'll be eligible to claim unique rewards like exclusive avatars, avatar rings and an epic War Rhino. The higher your guild climbs in the ranks, the better these rewards will become.

The War Rhino is a powerful new mount with elite combat capabilities and tremendous damage resistance. It exists in four versions (Tier 5-8), with stats and visuals that become more epic with each tier, and will ONLY be given out as a Season 4 reward, making it an incredibly valuable item.

To be eligible for these rewards, you'll need to have been an active member of your guild for at least 75% of the Season and have Premium status active - you can view your eligibility on the updated Season Ranking UI.

Claim Your Place Among the Conquerors

With the new season, you'll also have a chance to claim your place in Conquerors' Hall. This brand-new shrine in the heart of Caerleon will feature monuments honoring the top three guilds each season in the form of custom-built monuments, where the top guild can pick which character will be immortalized to represent their guild in a permanent statue.

The hall will be expanded with each successive winner, and will also retroactively include the winners of the first three seasons. Set your own monument among the past and future champions, then pay a visit to revel in your victory, see past winners, and plan your future domination of Albion!

Conquerors' Hall will go live at the end of Season 4, and will be accessed via a new building entrance near the Caerleon Realmgate. For an FAQ with more information about Guild Warfare Rewards, click here.

Watch All the Action on AlbionTV

Tune into the official Albion Online Twitch channel, AlbionTV, to watch Invasion Days, GvG Highlights, and other events. The full Season 4 streaming schedule is below - see you on the battlefield! (Click to expand)


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