Get huge discounts with the new Vanity Value and Starter Bundles!

New Bundles Available

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Looking for a deal? Then check out the brand-new Vanity Value Bundles and expanded Starter Bundle selection in the in-game store! These bundles offer vanity items in combination with either Gold or Gold and Premium at huge discounts, and are available in-game to all players.

Vanity Value Bundles are Here

Vanity Value Bundles are the perfect option for those looking to upgrade their appearance and score some extra Gold on the side. Each bundle consists of a popular mount skin or vanity set along with varying amounts of Gold, and offers big discounts versus buying separately.

The current bundles include:

  • Mage Adventurer Bundle
  • Knight Adventurer Bundle
  • Rogue Adventurer Bundle
  • Mistbison Bundle
  • Miststalker Bundle

New Starter Bundles Added

Due to popular demand, a total of seven new Starter Bundles have been added to the in-game store, each offering a vanity set/skin, Gold, and Premium at a huge combined discount:

  • Druid Bundle + 360 Days Premium + 2000 Gold
  • Rogue Adventurer Bundle + 180 Days Premium + 1000 Gold
  • Mage Adventurer Bundle + 180 Days Premium + 1000 Gold
  • Knight Adventurer Bundle + 90 Days Premium + 500 Gold
  • Demon Hunter Bundle + 90 Days Premium + 500 Gold
  • Mistwolf Skin + 30 Days Premium + 150 Gold
  • Mistbison Skin + 30 Days Premium + 150 Gold

To purchase a Vanity Value or Starter Bundle, just log in on any platform and click the corresponding tab in the in-game store. Any bundle with a skin not yet unlocked on your account will be available. (Note: Vanity Value Bundles are available on all platforms; Starter Bundles are currently unavailable for purchase on iOS.)

Log in today and get great deals on vanity!


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