The Avalonian faction expands the world of Albion with new lore, gameplay options, and armors.

Meet the Avalonians

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The Outlands have been remade, torn apart and rebuilt piece by piece via an ancient and unspeakably powerful magic. Those behind this world-altering transformation are known only as the Avalonians. But as guilds spread out across the new continent, fighting one another over unclaimed lands, many wonder: who are the enigmatic beings who remade the Outlands, and why have they returned?

An Ancient Order Awakens

The Avalonians were contemporaries of the ancient Keepers, but unlike that nature-worshipping people they were aggressive in their pursuit of magic and power. Not content with the blue crystal magic that infused the land, they instead sought out deep, rare veins of pure white crystal, which possessed almost unlimited energy.

Many died attempting to tame this powerful magic, torn apart by its sheer force or killed by enraged beasts or berserk machines. Those who survived, however, became something more than human: warriors, mages, and priests mightier than any Albion had ever known.

To read more about the history of the Avalonians and the Three Pillars of the Order, check out the new Avalonian Lore page.

Elite Dungeons: Albion's Highest-Level PvE

During the Avalonian Invasion Standalone Season, new Avalonian enemies of various types began to appear in the Outlands, as reported by Rex the Red, Outlands adventurer. Read them here:

The end result was the destruction of the old Outlands, along with the Caerleon Realmgate, and the creation of a new continent shaped by the Avalonians. Throughout this new land are Elite Randomized Dungeons, where players can team up in groups of 10-20 to face off against the Avalonians in their ancient, temple-like halls.

Like the Solo and Group Randomized Dungeons introduced with the previous two updates, Elite Dungeons are entered via randomly-spawning portals in the open world (T6-8 Outlands zones). And like those dungeons they are randomized in layout, offering a different combination of corridors, highlights, and enemies every time.

As fighters, the Avalonians have not only honed their individual skills, but also their group tactics - meaning that while they can be tough on their own, in groups they can be devastating. The Spirit subfaction in particular focuses on AoE buffs and debuffs, empowering their allies and weakening attackers.

This video by Gugusteh offers a good look at some of the mechanics and enemies in play:

Avalonian Armors

Within Elite Randomized Dungeons players can obtain rare, powerful Avalonian Shards, which may be dropped by enemies or looted in chests. These shards can be combined into Avalonian Artifacts, which in turn can be used to craft Avalonian Armors. These armors are among the most powerful in the game, and include new skills with a wide range of mobility, cleanse, and defensive options.

Like the artifact armors already in the game, they exist in plate, leather, and cloth options, which correspond to the three pillars of the Order of the Grail (Valor, Magic, Spirit). 

Looking to the Future

Avalon, the ancient city from which the Avalonians draw their name, was the stuff of legend - at least until the fall of Arthur, when it returned back to the earth to remain hidden for a millennium. With the resurgence of this ancient faction, perhaps the world will see traces of Avalon returning to the world of Albion. Only time will tell...


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