Take advantage of a huge discount on this vanity bundle until August 31.

Limited-Time Sale on the Keeper of Souls!

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As the Albion summer draws to a close, and with the cold nights of fall not far off, it’s time to think about your outfit for the season. Well as luck would have it, right now you can enjoy a massive discount on the chilling Keeper of Souls Vanity Bundle until August 31!

This premiere bundle comes not only with a full costume set and a macabre mount skin for your Giant Stag or Moose, but also includes the Phylactery of Souls, a costume weapon in the form of a large lantern-topped staff that gives off an otherworldly blue-green glow, striking fear into your opponents as you approach.

In total, the Keeper of Souls Bundle includes the following vanity skins:

  • Keeper of Souls Cowl
  • Keeper of Souls Armor
  • Keeper of Souls Boots
  • Keeper of Souls Cape
  • Phylactery of Souls costume weapon
  • Keeper of Souls mount skin for your Stag or Moose base mount

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Enjoy big discounts on vanity items for a limited time.
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