Fishing, Guild Quality-of-Life Improvements, New Hellgates, New Artifact Armors, Roaming Mobs, Luxury Goods, and more...

Lancelot is Live!

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Lancelot, the third major post-launch update for Albion Online, is now live! This update brings a huge number of new features, improvements and changes to the world of Albion. And to celebrate the occasion, we're giving away 7 free days of Premium! Just log into the game between March 12 10:00 UTC and March 19 10:00 UTC to receive your free 7 days as a claimable reward.

For a taste of what the Lancelot update will bring, watch the trailer now:

What's New?

Whether you're new to the world of Albion or a hardened veteran, Lancelot will offer some big new features, improvements, and optimizations. Here's an overview of what's coming:


Fishing is here! Cast a line into Albion's rivers, lakes and oceans to gather fish, then cook them into meals, enhance other foods, or sell them in the Marketplace. Different biomes and settings offer different types of fish, as do freshwater and saltwater. Explore an all-new Destiny Board path and discover new fishing gear. Seek out rare fish that offer increased bonuses and hunt for sunken treasures all across Albion. 

For more information on fishing, see our Dev Talk here.

Guild Quality-of-Life Improvements

With a completely new Guild UI system, guild leaders can delegate rights, assign roles, and manage resources with ease, allowing all guild members to spend less time on administration and more time playing. An updated Chest Log lets guilds track their deposits and withdrawals, and new Guild Vaults allow for easy access to items and resources, allowing for a shared guild economy. 

For a full rundown of these improvements, see our Dev Talk here.

New Hellgates, Artifact Armors, and Combat Changes

Lancelot will bring brand-new 2v2 red and black Hellgates, offering players easy access to spontaneous full-loot PvP. Hellgate names will be simplified into Greater (5v5) and Lesser (2v2) Hellgates, each with a distinct map icon. The update will also introduce Level 3 Artifact Armors, which will offer a wide range of offensive, defensive, and utility spells. The new Siege Ballista will provide a lower-cost option for guilds seeking battle mounts, and a wide range of combat balancing changes will keep fights evenly matched. 

For a closer look at the new Hellgates and other PvP improvements, see our Dev Talk here.

Server Performance Improvements

Over the past months, as we've developed the features that will make up the Lancelot update, we have also introduced numerous performance improvements in tandem with these new systems. These improvements will go live alongside the new features of the Lancelot update, which should offer reduced lag and increased performance, particularly during large-scale battles. We are fully committed to making massive fights as smooth as possible and consider improving performance a constantly ongoing process.

GvG Season Improvements

The second GvG Season, starting March 17, will see some big changes. Rogue Mages can be placed in enemy territories to steal energy for your guild, and Siphoning Mages will now spawn more dynamically and offer higher rewards. Capturing an orb in a GvG will immediately deduct a point from the enemy team, making flawless victories rarer. Mages placed by either team before a GvG will offer battle bonuses, and Castle scoring will now happen once per day to free up guilds from constantly playing defense. 

For a full rundown of all the changes and improvements coming to GvG Seasons, watch our Dev Talk here.

Roaming Mobs and Luxury Goods

Lancelot will introduce Roaming Mobs that spawn throughout the open world and vary in difficulty from basic scouts to powerful bosses. Mobs will also now drop Luxury Goods, rare antiquities from Albion's past. Since each type of Luxury Good can be found anywhere but is sellable in just one city, players will have to choose whether to transport them across dangerous lands to get their full value – or rob those doing the transporting. 

To see our Dev Talk on Roaming Mobs and Luxury Goods, click here.

New Expedition

In the Raven's Claws is a new T6 Group Expedition that tasks adventurers with rescuing a captured agent from the clutches of the Disciples of Morgana before he reveals critical secrets. Descend into a nightmarish oubliette and battle deadly new mobs hell-bent on preventing your escape... then vanquish the final tormentor and set your prisoners free!

Want the full details of every single feature, improvement, and change coming with the Lancelot update? You can view the complete changelog here.


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A week-long Fame Rush starts today.

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Beyond the Veil Patch 3 is here!

This patch brings improvements to the Roads of Avalon, a new Streamer Mode, and more.
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