Our second post-launch content Update, Kay, is now live. Read what it has in store for you!

Kay Update is Now Live!

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Today’s update is a really heavy hitter; it brings many great additions to the world of Albion! To set the mood, we have prepared a trailer:

What’s New?

Kay is a huge update bringing several new mechanics and loads of new content for you to enjoy. Here is a short overview on some of the new features:

Seasonal GvG Content

Holding a territory now gives you more than just a base to operate from. In these territories, Mages will siphon energy for you over time when they are alive. Gather this energy for prestige and rewards!
For more information on the seasons, see our Dev Talk here.

Battle Mounts

Ride all-new battle mounts into battle! Three powerful new beasts can be acquired through participation in territory warfare. The Command Mammoth, The Fire Basilisk and The Venom Basilisk eagerly await to fight for you.
For more information on the Battle Mounts, see our Dev Talk here.

Political World Map

The World Map will now display additional political information. Who controls a territory? Which alliance is currently your neighbor and threatening your home? You can now see it all with added and improved visual overlays.

Hardcore Expeditions

Find maps in the Open World to enter a more deadly variant of a group expedition where great rewards await you! Finish them in time and unlock access to even bigger challenges!

Of course this is not all that Kay brings to Albion. For a complete overview on the additions, head on over to our Update page and have a look!

Discount on Starter Packs and Upgrades

As a special promotion, there is a limited time discount on the price of all Starter Packs and Upgrades until Monday, December 11, 11:00 UTC. 

  • Veteran Packs now cost USD 19.95 (instead of USD 29.95)
  • Epic Packs now cost USD 39.95 (instead of USD 49.95)
  • Legendary Packs now cost USD 69.95 (instead of USD 99.95)
  • Veteran to Legendary Upgrades now cost USD 49.95 (instead of USD 70.00)
  • Epic to Legendary Upgrades now cost USD 29.95 (instead of USD 50.00)

Head on over to our shop to grab your discounted pack or upgrade now!


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