This patch brings Japanese and Italian to Albion along with the new Guild Finder.

Into the Fray Patch 6 is Live

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Into the Fray Patch 6 is here! This patch brings Japanese and Italian language support, introduces a brand-new Guild Finder, and more. Read on for a summary…

Japanese and Italian Added

This patch expands Albion Online’s supported languages to include Japanese and Italian, with the game now fully playable in both of these languages. It also includes dedicated in-game chat channels for each language, and new language-specific subforums. All articles and patchnotes will now be translated into these languages to keep you fully updated, and if you wish to change the language in which you receive our newsletters you can update this in your Account Settings.

We hope to make playing Albion Online a more immersive and user-friendly experience for our existing Japanese and Italian-speaking players. And to those who are joining the game for the first time now: welcome!

Guild Finder

Along with new languages, this patch brings a massive new quality-of-life improvement: a brand-new Guild Finder!

Players will be able to search for a specific guild by name, or browse guilds by filters such as language, time zone and activity. And if you’re a guild member looking to recruit, you can set criteria by which players can easily find you and apply for membership - or join directly if you prefer. This feature will help beginners and experienced players alike to team up and access Albion’s high-level content together. ;Please note that the Guild Finder wil not be available immediately, but we'll announce once it's fully up and running.

For more about the Guild Finder and how it works, see this forum post.

Guild Season Changes

Albion’s seventeenth Guild Season is coming September 17, with some important changes. The Crystal Arena ranking system will include more substeps than previously, and players will no longer rank down completely at the end of a season. Headquarters Hideouts boosters will be more easily accessible to guilds, making it easier for new guilds to establish an Outlands HQ. Open-world Treasure Chests will generally contain greater loot, in order to make them more rewarding for all players. And additionally, there will be quality-of-life improvements to Corrupted Dungeons and the Guild Rewards system.

For full details of the Season 17 changes and rewards, see this forum post.

For more detailed patchnotes, click here.


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A week-long Fame Rush starts today.

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Beyond the Veil Patch 3 is here!

This patch brings improvements to the Roads of Avalon, a new Streamer Mode, and more.
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