This patch brings improvements to the Arena, Training Dummies, and more.

Into the Fray Patch 3 is Live!

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Into the Fray Patch 3 is live! This patch brings changes and improvements to the Arena and Crystal Arena, Training Dummies, the Journey Back ability, and more. Read on for details…

Arena & Crystal Arena Changes

This patch brings some refinements to the Crystal Arena, with Rank Point calculations adjusted to better place players in an appropriate rank bracket, and Crystal Arena matchmaking now matching players of a similar ranking. Additionally, Arena losses now give fewer Adventurer’s Challenge points, to ensure players cannot reach their daily bonus with one Arena defeat. And Arena rewards are now displayed at the end of a match.

Training Dummy UI

Training Dummies now display a small UI when being attacked or healed which displays useful information, as follows:

  • Total Damage / Total Healing
  • Damage Per Second / Healing Per Second
  • Last Hit Damage / Last Heal Healing

Journey Back Ability Changes

Some important changes have been made to the Journey Back cost calculation in this patch:

  • It now uses the average zone modifier for the zones you would have traveled through, rather than only the zone you are currently in
  • It uses what would be the cheapest route, rather than the shortest

To balance these cost reductions, zone type and item value now have a greater impact, while distance has less effect on the cost.

Other Changes and Improvements

  • Access rights after undeclaring a Headquarters Hideout are now restricted for 7 days, rather than 14
  • Rare Castle and Castle Outpost chests will no longer reroll their rarity, and simply be Rare
  • Various mobile optimizations and fixes
  • …and more

For a full rundown of all the changes in this patch, check the official patchnotes.


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