This patch brings changes to the Crystal League along with many improvements and fixes.

Into the Fray Patch 2 is Here

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Into the Fray Patch 2 is live! This patch brings updates to the Crystal League, some significant UI and audio improvements, a number of combat balance changes, and more. Read on for a summary…

Crystal League Changes

Time slots for Crystal League battles have been updated with this patch, for non-lethal 5v5 and for Levels 1-3 20v20. Level 2 and 3 tokens for both the Lethal and non-Lethal League can once again be purchased from the Energy Manipulator, and old Level 2 and 3 tokens can be used again. Season-bound Level 2 and 3 tokens can be salvaged for their Silver purchase price, while Level 4 and 5 tokens are tradable again.

Quality-of-Life Improvements

This patch continues to add to the significant quality-of-life improvements introduced since the Into the Fray update, with new changes including:

  • Laborer Journals can now be purchased in bulk
  • Active gathering yields are now displayed in the Character Details UI
  • Daily Production Bonuses (from Dynamic Events) are now included in the Local Production Bonuses UI on the zone map
  • Sounds created by remote players in Cities, particularly chests and player/mount footsteps, have been reduced
  • …and more

Combat Balance Changes

Improvements have been made to some of the reworked Magic Staff abilities, for example:

  • Grudge (Cursed Staffs) Damage has been increased, and the Cursed Tar hit delay reduced
  • Thorns (Nature Staffs) area Damage has been increased, and the Rejuvenating Flower growth interval reduced

Additionally, Corrupted Dungeons have seen adjustments, with Mephits made more effective at preventing players from kiting excessively. Some heavily used weapons in this game mode  have also been toned down to diversify the meta here.

Other Changes and Improvements

  • Castle chests now include rarity effects on the world map
  • Castle world map icons now indicate when they are under attack
  • Crystal Arena rank icons now display a tooltip showing ranking points
  • …and more

For a full rundown of all the changes in this patch, check the official patchnotes.


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