We're celebrating Albion Online's second anniversary with a week-long Fame Boost, plus free gifts for all players!

In-Game Anniversary Celebrations

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Today marks two years since the official launch of Albion Online! Along with our retrospective of the past year, we're also celebrating ingame with a week-long party. Read on for all the details!

The Mists of Albion are Back!

The Mists of Albion buff will be active for one week, giving an additional 25% Fame for all activities! Boost your combat, gathering, and crafting stats and get ready for the upcoming GvG season with this automatic buff. Here are all the details:

  • Duration: July 17 10:00 UTC (after maintenance ends) to July 24 10:00 UTC
  • Does NOT affect Fame earned through Tomes of Insight
  • Does NOT affect the rate at which Challenge Points are earned

To take advantage of this powerful boost, just log in and play all week long!

Celebrate with Decorations and Limited-Time Gifts

To spread the celebratory mood, we've placed decorations in all cities, and sent out special gifts including the Anniversary Banner - a festive new furniture item - and three different colors of fireworks. Let's start Albion's third year with a bang!

Here's how to get your free gifts:

  • Items are automatically sent to all players with accounts created prior to July 17.
  • In addition to having a previously-created account, players must log in between July 17 10:00 UTC and July 24 10:00 UTC to trigger the reward. (It can then be claimed any time after that.)
  • To claim, click the gear icon at the upper right, and select "Claim Rewards".

Thanks to our community for being a part of the world of Albion, and for making the game what it is today. And in case you hadn't heard, the award-winning Albion Online Soundtrack has now been officially released - click here to learn more!


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