The dust has settled on Season 14, and a newcomer has taken the crown.

IAMNIUBI Wins Season 14!

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November saw the start of the first guild season since the Lands Awakened update brought far-reaching changes to Guild Warfare such as Headquarters Hideouts, Energy Crystals, Power Cores, and Might and Favor. As this tumultuous season came to an end, IAMNIUBI were declared season winners, with Elevate finishing second and Judicate third.

As the Lands Awakened, so too did the struggle for power in the Outlands. With the added security afforded by Headquarters Hideouts, many guilds chose to venture out on their own, without the protection of a large alliance. And while some chose to defend their home territories, others took up arms against their former landlords. Indeed, in the previous offseason there were already rumors that a new coalition would form to take on the POE empire, and this materialized under the leadership of the DIOR alliance. As the season kicked off this coalition soon grew too powerful for POE to handle, and by mid-season they had pushed them to the very brink of eviction.

With the power of POE curtailed, this coalition rapidly began to dissolve. Surf and AAA switched targets, eventually turning on each other. Backroom deals between long-time enemies POE and Black 0rder created new bonds and saw changes in leadership, with MagicMark taking control of Black 0rder, dissolving their alliance 13x16, and joining AAA.

Amidst these raging battles and shifting power dynamics, a new force emerged to dominate the season rankings. IAMNIUBI, a primarily East and Southeast Asian guild, proved to be a formidable generator of Season Points, quickly snatching first place and pulling away from the competition, opening up a considerable lead over Elevate in second place. With fully upgraded towers, a strong stable of Crystal League competitors and a guild-wide dedication to open-world activities like Castles, Power Cores, and Energy Crystals, IAMNIUBI stood out for the variety of methods they used to secure season points.

Working alongside other alliances including AAA, IAMNIUBI have proven to be a force to be reckoned with in the early time zones, and they recently announced plans to expand into a fully international alliance with increased participation across all time zones. It will be quite the challenge for IAMNIUBI to reproduce this success throughout the day but, with the momentum from their first victory behind them, anything seems possible.

Here are the season's top ten teams with their total season points:

  1. IAMNIUBI - 1,072,456 points
  2. Elevate - 713,539 points
  3. Judicate - 617,666 points
  4. War Gods - 394,116 points
  5. Escalation - 384,225 points
  6. The Lonely Men - 311,747 points
  7. Baila Ella - 286,885 points
  8. Be Careful - 283,068 points
  9. B Y O T - 279,665 points
  10. Fax - 278,862 points

Season 15 is on the way

As the dust settles on this thrilling season, guilds are already preparing for Season 15 which kicks off on March 5. This brings with it increased Might and Favor, faster Might leveling, a new Crystal League map, and unique season rewards. Following the seismic power shifts that Season 14 saw, this is sure to be another fiercely contested season. Check out the complete schedule here.


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