Saturday marks the beginning of a new GvG season, with exclusive new rewards ripe for the taking.

GvG Season 5 Brings Exclusive New Rewards

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Albion's fifth season of guild-versus-guild warfare kicks off this Saturday. This season, winning teams can claim exclusive rewards, including the epic, boar-drawn Tower Chariot mount.

While its exact stats, abilities, and appearance are still a work in progress, the Tower Chariot will offer its rider unique skills that will be usable in various battle settings. This mount will be awarded to guilds who reach Silver rank or higher during Season 5, with further rewards available to guilds who reach Iron rank or higher. We'll have more details on additional season rewards (as well as the exact requirements for receiving them) over the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Watch Invasion Day Live on AlbionTV

We'll be covering Saturday's Invasion Day action live on the AlbionTV Twitch channel. Tune in Saturday at 17:00 UTC with hosts Lewpac and Shozen as they introduce the start of the season. At 18:00 UTC, the season officially begins, and guilds can claim territories and launch attacks. For the complete season schedule, check out this forum post.

Remember, you can also tune in every Thursday at 18:00 UTC for highlights from the previous week.

Here's the full season's streaming schedule (click to expand):


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