Every week, new guilds try to fight their way up to the top of the guilds in Albion Online. This is the story of one of them, the international guild Unsullied – a guild that came out of nowhere and already reached #3 in the all-time guild ranking.

Guild Spotlight: Unsullied

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Still waters run deep! Compared to other well known guilds in Albion Online, there is not a lot of information about Unsullied available, outside of the game. Now and then you might find Unsullied mentioned on the official forums, yet those rare posts do not provide much insight about the guild that holds themselves in the upper half of the top ten guilds in Albion Online. Who are Unsullied?

To answer this question I took my time to sit down with Rufio, the guild leader of Unsullied, and his right hand Ganked. Together we had a closer look at the guild that has risen to the top of Albion Online from out of nowhere.


The story of Unsullied cannot be told without introducing Rufio, the guild leader of Unsullied, first.

“Rufio’s dedication for Albion Online and our guild has been a major factor for the success of Unsullied. Thanks to his fast comprehension skills and his ability to understand and implement advices quickly and efficient he has grown into a splendid commander!” Ganked, the second in command of Unsullied, honors his guild leader.

You have to know that Rufio started playing Albion Online in the first week of the Final Beta. He first joined the guild Dreadlords, a guild that was ranked within the top ten at the end of the last Beta Test. Here, Rufio met first with Ganked, the former co-lead of Dreadlords, both having the same visions for their future, they quickly became good friends. However, given the small size of Dreadlords, Rufio realized that the guild he had chosen was not able to provide him with the content he was looking for and so Rufio decided to leave Dreadlords to create his own guild.

A New Challenger Approaches

Unsullied was created in the second week of the Final Beta, after Rufio left his former guild Dreadlords. His goal for the newly founded guild was a fairly clear one: to dominate the PvP scene in Albion Online.

While he left Dreadlords, Rufio’s contact with Ganked never stopped. Then, shortly after Unsullied had grown quite a bit, Ganked and a few other members of Dreadlords decided to merge into Unsullied. Thanks to the experience those new members brought into Unsullied, Rufio was able to fill some of his ranks. Ganked, not only due to the friendship between him and Rufio but also because of his knowledge of the game, his experience and his political influence in Albion Online, became the second in command of Unsullied.

With this growing roster, the leading ranks filled with veteran players, Unsullied started to make their move towards their goal.

A Long and Winding Road

In the very beginning of Unsullied, as a new guild without any history, most of the members were a bunch of rookies. After the merge with Dreadlords, Unsullied was able to train those rookies into formidable soldiers.

With a solid core created, Unsullied stretched out their arms for the Black Zones but they soon realized that a strong core is not enough to survive in the deadly environment, with the best of Albion Online around. At the start of Unsullied’s campaign in the Black Zones, the A-team, under the lead of Ganked, had quite a few encounter with the strong GvG teams of Echo of Silence. But Echo of Silence wasn’t Unsullied’s only stumbling block, Nox Noctis had also proven to be a difficult foe to fight against and Ganked had a hard time beating them with his team.

The more fights Unsullied fought and the more experience Unsullied gained, the better the results became. Not long after Unsullied’s campaign had started they were able to claim more and more victories in their battles. Yet, due to missing rear cover, it was not possible for Unsullied to fortify their foothold in the Outlands. At that time the sheer and endless numbers of the ZIKA alliance were hard to handle for the fairly young guild.

Given the fact that Unsullied were able to win most of their attacks on other guilds’ territories, the guild lead decided to get even more offensive. As a result of that, Unsullied simply started hopping from territory to territory instead of trying to defend the ones they captured.  That way the guild was able to compensate for their missing rear support and it allowed them to take a lot of gear from their opponent’s dead bodies instead of crafting it by themselves. Thanks to the offensive campaign and all the pillaging, Unsullied was able to increase their combat power on a daily base.

Strengthening the Back

While that offensive strategy was quite effective and Unsullied was able to keep between three to five territories at the same time, they tried quite a few alliances to find the right partner to cover their backs. “Yet, those alliances we joined were quite underwhelming in their performance!” Rufio explains. Unsullied kept searching for formidable allies and recently they found those allies in the BERCILAK SLAVES alliance under the lead of Red Army.

Thanks to the support of the BERCILAK SLAVES guilds, Unsullied finally had the time and the resources to form their second team for GvG. The new B-team, led by Norzor, allowed Unsullied to finally defend their territories with success.

Living in the Moment

Like any other top guild in Albion Online, Unsullied is using the Final Beta as preparation for the upcoming launch of the game, but instead of putting most of their effort into planning out the future, Unsullied decided for themselves to live in the moment. As a result of that mindset, Unsullied just recently secured their first city.

In a huge assault on Skullcrack Well, Unsullied was able to win against ZIKA in a fierce and decisive battle, after Mostly Harmless decided to forsake their city. As their reward, the city is now decorated with the guild banners of Unsullied.

Instead of resting on one’s laurels, Unsullied tries to be one step ahead of the current meta. Acquiring the best gear in the most efficient way and testing out all the possible builds is just the another step in Unsullied’s path. Right now Unsullied is aiming to reach #1 in Kill Fame within the Final Beta to prove that their success is way more than just a fluke.

A Promise for the Future

Regardless of their achievements and the position Unsullied is holding right now, you always have to keep in mind that the majority of Unsullied’s members, including their guild leader, are fairly new as they just joined Albion Online with the start of the Final Beta. Given that fact, Rufio has a promise for the community of Albion Online:

“This was the first Beta Test for many members of Unsullied. If you thought we came out, swinging big this time then we’ve got some surprises for you in the future!”

What is your experience with Unsullied? If you have already fought against or together with Unsullied – let us know in the comments below or on our forums!


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