Without much propaganda around this guild, the members of Synergy Core decided to let their actions speak for them, instead of their words. I took a closer look at this international, but reclusive guild.

Guild Spotlight: Synergy Core

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“We were actually both pleasantly surprised and hesitant in conducting this interview!” were the first words Gaaara, the guild leader of Synergy Core, addressed to me. Synergy Core always tried to keep themselves, out of the public, but I was able to persuade Gaaara to talk to me about his guild. This is the result of my interview!

Rise like a Phoenix

Synergy Core was created out of the guild Retribution. After the former guild leader of Retribution, Corroborate, decided to turn his back on Albion Online, chaos came upon the people left behind. With nobody taking the initiative to lead the guild, people tossed around the position of the guild leader like other people change their underwear. On top of the chaos within the guild, the ongoing battle with the Red Army kept taking its toll on the members that stayed in Retribution.

Gaaara couldn’t stand watching what was happening to the guild he once loved. To stop the ongoing decay, he started to rally some of the Retribution’s core members to found a new guild. As a result of this rally, three months ago, Synergy Core was created with the goal to be stronger than ever.

One’s Believes

The purpose of the newly found guild was to create a safe haven for people who simply enjoyed playing Albion Online together. Without taking part in global drama or in the newly created chat PvP, winning or losing a fight is all that matters for the members of Synergy Core.

In addition, there are two major characteristics which making Synergy Core different from some of the other well-known guilds in Albion Online. First, they strongly believe in quality over quantity and second, they are using a capitalism-type economic system within their guild.

“We believe in having everyone pulling his own weights. I frown upon and despise some of those bigger guilds that utilize new members to support their GvG teams.  While the inner core members do nothing but GvG the rest of the guild is gathering all day long wearing 5.2 peasant gear to support a 6.4 GvG team.  We tried to stay away from all of that! If you want to GvG and wear Gucci gear. Farm it yourself!” Gaaara explains.

Albion’s Cold War

It was hard, asking about Synergy Core’s rivals and getting any other name out of Gaaara than the Red Army. The conflict between Synergy Core and the Red Army started back in the days of Retribution, over half a year ago. At the time, an ex-Retribution member, called Mojo, joined the Red Army. Still having access to his old guild’s Teamspeak Server, their former team comrade started berating and insulting not only the leadership of Retribution but also all of the members, including the initial core of Synergy Core. “It was literally the most toxic and cancerous behavior I have ever seen!” Gaaara says, clearly disgusted. Not long after that, a full-blown war broke out between the two guilds, still carrying on until today… even after the creation of a new guild.

According to Gaaara: “One of the results of that war is that we were able to make up our minds. Treat every player with respect, be it friend or foe! We want to show other guilds that having class and patience, is more important than sheer numbers.”

Guerrilla Warfare

From the very beginning, due to their quality over quantity mentality, Synergy Core had to learn to fight outnumbered. Instead of fighting other guilds head on, they heavily relied on guerilla tactics. Thanks to their ongoing war against Red Army, Synergy Core was able to quickly adapt those strategies and make them their own. Coming from out of nowhere, hitting the gatherers of the Red Army and vanishing again, before their enemies could even organize a group to counteract. “We have learned to think different,” Gaaara explains. “The more numbers our enemies have the less organized they are. In addition the more we are up against, the easier it is to pick a target to kill. By the time our enemies react we are already disappearing into the horizon!”

Furthermore, the challenges of fighting outnumbered allowed Synergy Core to improve their team compositions and their bonding within the guild. “And while other guilds tend to have that “if you cannot beat them, join them” mentality, we are proud of what we are doing. Constantly fighting a greater number of enemies while only being a few has honed us into far more efficient killers!” Gaaara concludes on their style of warfare.

More than just an Alliance

Not long ago Synergy Core formed the CORE alliance (a.k.a. Secret Order). Trying to implement their guild’s ideology into the alliance, they recruited the small-sized guilds Offline and Anzac. Compared to their opponents, CORE is a fairly small alliance with around 150 members. Yet, the CORE alliance is able to compete on par with their rival alliances.

One of the reasons for their success could be the close connection between the allied guilds. All members of CORE are using the same Discord. Each member within the alliance is treated like a guild member. Gaaara even mentions: “We are just a big happy gaming family that works very closely with each other. In fact, there are already talks and jokes within CORE about combining forces into a single guild instead of being an alliance. Looking at the Kill Fame we would end up in the upper half of the Top Ten, just adding up Synergy Core and Offline!”

Actions Speak Louder than Words

Instead of diverting energy into active recruitment, Synergy prefers to dedicate everything they have into their members and their game. Most of the current guild members were actually former enemies that eventually came to respect Synergy Core for their actions and decided, based on the performance they had witnessed, to join instead of fighting this group of dedicated gamers.

“We will continue our recruitment that way,” Gaaara expounds: “Synergy Core is always about our members and the community we play in. Instead of joining the global chat drama we want our actions to speak up for us. While we are not trying to dominate the world map by controlling massive amounts of territories, everybody can expect to see a lot more of our flags waving in the wind, soon!”

Gaaara’s Closing Statement

As in every guild spotlight, the last part is solely reserved for a closing statement of the featured guild. Most being said about Synergy Core already, Gaaara’s closing statement is dedicated to his guild:

“Most of all I want to thank Sneex, Rabbie, Brix, WindyWinter, Extriva, Boggz, Gmang and Wanderweis. Without their continuous support, nothing of what we have done in Synergy Core would have happened! We greatly enjoy every aspect of Albion Online together, winning and losing as a team is just a part of it and I am really looking forward to our future and the things we will experience as a guild.”

Did you encountered Synergy Core on the battlefield or do you know them from other parts of Albion Online? What is your personal experience with this group of gamers, tell us in the comments below or on our forums!


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