This week’s guild spotlight is featuring the Brazilian guild Honor n Glory. Being one of the older guilds in Albion Online they have fought a lot of different enemies and were able to march their way to the top. Join us, and learn more about the guild that claims to be the strongest Brazilian guild in all of Albion Online.

Guild Spotlight: Honor n Glory

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With the recent shifts in power between the big alliances in Albion Online, the newly founded SNOW alliance is a topic of a lot of discussions. More than once, within those talks, can you read the name of their leading guild: Honor n Glory. The Brazilian guild has been around for quite some time now and so I decided to pay them a visit. For my interview I met up with Illog, the leader of the guild and one of his Right Hands, Nietz. In the interview we have talked about the things that made Honor n Glory into what the guild is today. Enjoy!

Born for Honor and Glory

Honor n Glory was born during the first Closed Beta Test. With their eyes focused on the upcoming Castle Events, Illog, at this point in time guild leader of Royal Killers, and Qflex, former guild leader of Killing 4 Fun, decided to unite their guilds to achieve better results. And they were right! Thanks to their combined forces the newly founded guild, Honor n Glory, was able to secure one of the custom logos for themselves.

Quite some time has passed since the Castle Events and Honor n Glory has become one of the most known guilds in Albion Online.

From Baby Steps to Giants Strides

With their initial goal of taking a custom logo from the Castle Events achieved, Honor n Glory decided to use their success as kick-off to show everybody in Albion Online the power of a dedicated Brazilian guild. “It was time to show the other guilds the force of a competitive Brazilian guild!” Illog expounds.

With a lot of smaller Brazilian groups spread across many international guilds, Honor n Glory started to grow quickly as everybody in the guild was eager to prove their strengths. Uniting the Brazilian Albion Online Community under the same banner, the next goal for the guild was to be a dominating force in both GvG and open world PvP. Illog explains: “Since the beginning of Honor n Glory our guild’s main goal has not changed! We are here to unite the Brazilian Community and to face the strongest of what Albion Online has to offer. We are proudly carrying our nation’s flag into the war against our enemies!”

Instead of regulating their members’ actions, Honor n Glory tries to motivate their players by involving them into the game’s main activities. Being motivated to do a certain task, instead of being forced to do it, provides a lot more fun and as a result the members of guild have become versatile all-rounders. “Usually we have more than five GvGs a day, in addition to our actions involving warcamps, chests and castles. This is only possible because of the motivation and the dedication of our members!” Nietz states.

Fighting for Glory

Being in the business of warfare for quite some time, Honor n Glory has fought against a lot of different enemies. Ever since having some fights against Prime (Envy) in the Castle Events the list of their enemies has added more well-known names, especially since the start of Final Beta.

With the start into the Final Beta, the first guild Honor n Glory recognized as a real enemy was Undead Lords, who caused a lot of trouble for the Brazilian guild. But little did they know that after the war against Undead Lords died down, their hardest conflict had yet to begin!

“The GvG Core from Bunch of Monkies is probably the best we ever fought!” Illog honors their rivaling guild: “It is more than a shame that they quit…” The war against Bunch of Monkies was so intense that Honor n Glory had to change their whole approach on how to handle the conflict. Being beaten by the enemy in GvGs, Illog decided to attack their opponent in an all out war: “We had to resort to macro-warfare to stop them!” Thanks to the infrastructure of Honor n Glory, they were able to retaliate any attack by the primates with at least two of their own. Sadly, with Bunch of Monkies cutting down their activity in Albion Online, the conflict ended with no obvious winner…

Instead of sulking, Honor n Glory took the huge amount of experience out of the Monkies war into their current fight against Unsullied. “Unsullied has proven to be a very strong adversary, we do not see the war against them ending anytime soon. I want to use this opportunity to give them some props for their honorable style of war!” Nietz compliments their current enemies.

Bound in Honor

“Talking about allies there is no other option for me, than to start with Nilfgaard! They were our main ally since the moment Honor n Glory was created. Unfortunately, the new restrictive time zone system pushed us away from each other and they eventually quit the game. Nevertheless they were our most important ally during the last Closed Beta Test and in the beginning of the Final Beta Test!” Illog honors Nilfgaard.

After their alliance with Nilfgaard had come to an end, Honor n Glory had a temporary partnership with Zero Quality before they joined forces with Echo of Silence. The ZIKA alliance soon became the most feared zerg in Albion Online. With the help of ZIKA and Echo Silence, Honor n Glory were able to strengthen their war fronts even further.

Currently, Honor n Glory is leading the SNOW alliance, one of the strongest alliances Albion Online has ever seen. “We are very happy with our alliance and our new partners and we hope to create one of the strongest forces in Albion Online with them!” Nietz declares.

Honor to Whom Honor is Due

“Honor n Glory would not be where we are now, without the help of our awesome members!” Illog starts: “To be honest there are so many I would like to mention that I definitely would forget some, so I will instead just give a few examples. First, there would be Qflex, he is one of our founding members and he is of most importance to us, especially as a diplomat. If you ask me he there is nothing better than him in that profession! Further I want to mention another two founding members of Honor n Glory, which sadly aren’t active anymore: Thanks Azuki and Cariok for everything you have done for us! But there are more than just the people that founded the guild. Over the time, new members have stepped up, taking important roles within our guild. Two of them are Elthronn and Nietz, both are now involved with our guild’s central decision making. Overall our staff consists several dedicated players leading specific groups. It would be impossible for us to exist without them!”

Having all of their goals achieved for the Final Beta, Honor n Glory has laid their eyes upon the upcoming wipe. “We have reached all of our goals for this Beta Test. We have created a solid core of members and trained our GvG teams into being some of the bests out there. In addition we are holding a reasonable size of the map. In short, we have become the strongest Brazilian guild of Albion Online! All that is left for the rest of this Beta Test is having fun, while still being relevant in the black zones and the top of Albion’s guilds,” Illog proclaims and with a laugh he adds: “Our minds however, are already focused on the second Final Beta of Albion Online."


Like always, the end of the guild spotlight is reserved for the final statement of the guild leader and Illog is not shy about the one he makes!

“The name of Honor n Glory will be marked down in the history of Albion Online. We will always be a protagonist in the Brazilian Community and in the game itself. Let war come forth, for we will win it #ForGlory!”

What are your experiences with Honor n Glory and what do you think about their claims? Share your thoughts with us in the comments or on our forums!


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