In this week’s guild spotlight, we are meeting up with Dark Horizon. They call themselves the strongest Czech/Slovakian guild in all of Albion!

Guild Spotlight: Dark Horizon

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When I met up with Mychy and Wolfynko, the guild leaders of Dark Horizon, I could tell right away how much enthusiasm they had for their guild and the game. Together we talked about the reasons behind the creation of their guild and about their goal of becoming the #1 Czech/Slovakian guild in Albion Online. Enjoy!

The Right Decision

Dark Horizon was founded by Mychy and Wolfynko, roughly two weeks after the Final Beta started. Before they decided to create their own guild, both were members of the Czech guild Czeco, which they joined in the first Beta Test of Albion Online.

Both of them became unsatisfied with their former guild lead. “The main issue with them was their inactivity. We had a lot of active and dedicated members in the guild but without the support and the leading of our guild master, the guild wasn’t able to progress in any way. After they wanted to rush into the black zones, while the guild was definitely not ready for that step, we had a talk with some of our fellow members, followed by an enunciation with our leaders. As a result of that discussion, we decided to leave the guild and to create our own, where the opinions of the members actually matter. In the end over 90% of our old guild followed our example and joined us under the banner of Dark Horizon,” Wolfynko explains.

Created with the goal of becoming the strongest Czech/Slovakian guild in all of Albion Online, Dark Horizon always focused most of their efforts and resources on PvP. Today, the guild owns three red cities and another three territories around them.

Side by Side

While the members of Dark Horizon always try to improve themselves, their alliance with Bewahrer der Welten is giving them much-appreciated support. The Weltenbummler alliance is continuously improving their cooperation, fighting together regardless of the weather or the location. Mychy goes into details: “Joining our good German friends in their alliance was a good decision. While the alliance was pretty slow-moving in our first days, we kept improving our teamwork every time we had the opportunity to do so. These days, we do everything together, from supporting each other in GvGs up to fighting side by side in castle and city skirmishes.”

Fight For What is Rightfully Yours

To reach their current position, Dark Horizon had to overcome two other guilds that stood directly in their way of obtaining the goals they had set for themselves. Even while Dark Horizon had no more bonds to their former guild, they took over one of rivals, the Czech/Slovakian guild Veterans Guild. Both guilds were fighting each other over the title of the strongest Cz/Sk guild in Albion Online. While their conflict started in the first Beta, the war between the guilds kept waging in the Final Beta. Determined to take the title, Dark Horizon constantly harassed and farmed their rivals whenever they had the chance to do so. Smirking, Wolfynko expounds: “Every time we saw someone from Veterans Guild leaving a city we started chasing them to take their gear and valuables... basically we tried to take everything from them!”

Their plan was a success and Veterans Guild withdrew from the conflict by fleeing into the black zones. “There was no reason for us to chase them into the outlands, we won the fight and our base was located around Short Wetherford. We even stopped monitoring their movements and from what I know they have become fairly inactive anyway,” Wolfynko states.

After they won their war against Veterans Guild, Dark Horizon’s next goal was to conquer Whitepeak and the surrounding territories. By chance the occupying guild of that area was ICE and so their next rival was chosen. The majority of that conflict’s fights were GvGs. Dark Horizon was aggressively attacking the territories of their new target, pushing them back, taking territory by territory. “Our first strike hit them unprepared and we managed to take two of their territories right away. After that, they were not able to stop our advance. Yes, they managed to win a few of their counter-attacks but with minor adjustments in our setup we kept pushing them,” Wolfynko informs me about their campaign for Whitepeak.

The highlight of the war between Dark Horizon and ICE, was the battle for Whitepeak. For that last and decisive final, both guilds called their alliances in for help and an all-out war began. The Weltenbummler alliance emerged victorious and they ended the reign of ICE over Whitepeak. Up until today,  Dark Horizon is still holding the city for their alliance.

Yet the guild is currently in somewhat a slump and they have lost two of their territories to the simultaneous attack of HI5 and The Unforgiven. “Recently, a few of our members decided to take a break from the game. Unfortunately, the guys that left were from our GvG teams and so we dropped from our initially three teams down to only one. When we were attacked, we had to decide what guild we wanted to defend against but we made the wrong decision and ended up losing both of our territories. The Unforgiven’s team was just too unforgiving on our mistakes,” Mychy confesses.

Right now, the guild is working on reestablishing their second team to prevent things like that from happening again.

Making Plans for the Future

“Other than that, the current beta is going very smooth for us and we achieved most of the goals we had set for ourselves,” Wolfynko declares.  “Now, we are planning our first steps for the release of the game but it is important for us to let people know that we are still highly active ingame and helping the developers with our feedback and we don’t want to change this fact until the Final Beta ends. Personally, I hope that Sandbox Interactive will bring back the Castle Events. We really want to have our own logo!”

Another plan Dark Horizon is considering, is the creation of an international sister-guild. Wolfynko explains: “We already have a few international people that want to join our guild but we really want to keep Dark Horizon a Czech/Slovakian guild. That is why we are thinking about creating another, equal guild, with the same setup as Dark Horizon but for international players.”

Never Give Up, Never Surrender!

At the end of my interview with the Dark Horizon leadership, I asked Mychy and Wolfynko if they had a statement they wanted to share the community of Albion. This is what they said:

“We were active from the very first day of the Final Beta and we will stay active, roaming on every battlefield looking for some competition. Should we ever get beaten down, we will stand right back up coming for that counter-attack. Never give up, never surrender!

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