In our newest guild spotlight, we have portrayed Chicken Kiss. In their roots a French guild that recently opened up and made a splash.

Guild Spotlight: Chicken Kiss

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Posted by Luci Mar 3rd, 2016 (Source)

In the history of Albion, there has been an innumerable amount of organizations that have tried to grasp for a taste of victory on the ever-competitive landscape. Through hard work, a strong core infrastructure and dedicated leadership, many of these guilds have risen to the challenge of what it takes to become a top contender in the game and reign triumphant. While many of the guilds that have gotten a taste of sweet, sweet victory are already seasoned organizations to the game, some have risen to the top with little to no past experience under their belt. A handful of anomalies, if you will. A guild was born less than two months ago, that would quickly find themselves tangled right in the middle of Albions largest conquest of the Western Continent. An organization otherwise known as Chicken Kiss.

What was most impressive about the historical background of Chicken Kiss is how young of an organization it really is. Nipp, the guild leader of Chicken Kiss detailed the birth and evolution of the guild into what we know it as today.

“Chicken Kiss was created in early January. We are a merge of two guilds formerly known as Chicken Squad and French Kiss, respectively. Both were small groups of French players. The main reason we decided to merge was because it would help both of our organizations achieve larger goals in the world. Initially, we played together as separate entities and when we saw how well things worked out, we went ahead and merged our organizations,” Nipp told me.

Typically, organizations credit most of their success towards how dedicated their core leadership functions. In this regard, Chicken Kiss deviates far from the norm. Instead, Nipp praises an undervalued bunch in the world of Albion for the success that Chicken Kiss has experienced thus far.

“I would like to give a special mention to our farmers. They are really beasts when it comes to feeding us the resources necessary to keep things afloat. If I had to name MVPs, it would definitely be them. Marmotte, Cyclonyk, Doukidouk and Angmar are the backbone behind the operation and I thank them for their work,” said Nipp.

While their farmers are hard at work generating the resources necessary to sustain the guild’s functionality, the rest of the organization is anything but casual towards their approach to the game. Instead, they find themselves constantly formulating strategies and always looking to improve their gameplay in hardcore fashion.

“Our original goals for Chicken Kiss were to basically ‘min-max’ in order to play as efficiently and effectively as possible. Not too long ago, we were just a few hardcore players with a ton of playtime,” affirmed Nipp.

With this playstyle in mind, Nipp was adamant that Chicken Kiss was spirited by two focal statutes that they abide by: improvement and honesty.

“I think we should define Chicken Kiss’ spirit by two things,” said Nipp. “The first being our drive to always improve as a unit. We are always looking to adapt to the meta and stay on top of the competition. The second being honesty. Honest with ourselves, honest with other guilds. We always try our best to be very straight forward and maintain transparency when other guilds are involved in our decision-making. I’m not saying we are exemplary, but we try our best to be known as a reliable and trust-worthy guild.”

The nature of Albion’s full-loot PvP tends to bring the most nefarious demeanor out in many who play the game. However, Chicken Kiss as a whole is opposed towards this approach to the game.  

“We don’t want to fall into the ‘brainless trash-talk machine’ approach that some of the guilds in the game take. Clearly, it’s the easier path to take in this sort of game. It’s definitely easier to be the bad guy, to betray and to trash-talk everyone. However, we chose another path by trying to play with respect and without the never-ending ego trip,” Nipp explained.

While upholding hardcore aspirations alongside a rather admirable approach to their gameplay, Chicken Kiss quickly found themselves involved in the War of the West. Not long after their continued effort in the war, Nipp and Chicken Kiss began to recognize their structural limitations in supporting a long-term war. The guild decided expand.

“Our former goals for Chicken Kiss have changed quite a bit overtime, because we are really starting to see the limits of a small group. When it comes to the economical perspective, it is really exhausting to be in our shoes. We decided to enlarge Chicken Kiss’ roster pretty significantly. Previously, we were just 10-15 actives involved in territorial warfare against the largest alliances in the world. Now, we have absorbed a few guilds including All Saints, Nightsides and a few members from Articulo Mortis. We have gone from being strictly a French guild, to a guild that now has Polish and Turkish wings. It’s still a work in progress but everything is going great for now.”

The expansion of the organization has provided Chicken Kiss with both, a stronger economy on the monetary side, as well as a stronger open world presence on the military side. The merge has also helped Chicken Kiss alleviate some of the problems that arose after the shortcomings of their previous alliances.

“After recognizing that enemy alliances were building quickly and we needed to react, we decided to join our first alliance; VVar. The alliance had an interesting run with both successes and failures, but in the end the alliance was diplomatically seized and reformed under the OMG alliance. In my opinion, both of the alliances failed in their objectives, but it helped Chicken Kiss learn who the trustworthy guilds were and who were not. I don’t think it’s fair to name guilds in that regard, but we particularly appreciated to play with Vendetta and aNc,” Nipp explained.

Naturally, taking part in some of the largest alliances in the world of Albion led Chicken Kiss to various experiences in regards to rivalry and animosity. “We don’t have any rivals in specific, however, every guild that displays disrespectful behavior are not our intimate friends. I suppose that the guild we like the least is Money Guild. They have a lot of good players, but they tend to have an off-putting attraction for trash talk and have been on an ego-trip for more than a month. This is basically the polar opposite of what we try to accomplish,” Nipp said.

Throughout the duration of Closed Beta so far, Chicken Kiss has accomplished more than they suspected they would, while only sporting a roster of fifteen to twenty active members for a majority of the test.

“Holding a city plot in the most contested black zone (Carrion Copse) since the start of Closed Beta, as well as multiple city plots in a red zone is a pretty good achievement in my book. Especially for a guild who had fifteen to twenty actives at best for a month,” Nipp explained.

Although Chicken Kiss has been content with their accomplishments thus far, they also are keen on tackling the obstacles they have faced throughout Closed Beta and plan to adapt in the future.

“There are a number of obstacles we’ve faced throughout the test, but to put it simply, we just felt late at every stage of Closed Beta so far. Late in our fame progression, late in the economy, and we did not have the chance to live comfortably in a black zone earlier in the beta. We also haven’t had the chance to do as many GvGs as we have wanted to. We lack experience GvG wise, so I’d say that these are the major obstacles that are in our way until we get a chance to adapt for the next test.”

After mapping out their accomplishments as well as their shortcomings as a guild, Nipp seems very confident that Chicken Kiss will continue to adapt well and accomplish the goals they have planned for the near future.

“Our main goal as of now is to prepare ourselves for the upcoming months until the wipe. Mainly keeping our members motivated and ready to go. After that, as mentioned before, we want to continue to improve as an organization. Namely in GvG experience and performing even stronger in that regard. As we approach closer to the wipe and learn more details, we want to work on an economic system that will compliment well with any upcoming changes,” Nipp told me.

With their goals charted out stringently, the organization only has one other final goal in mind. “Prepare for release.”

Nipp expects the organizations gradual growth, both in terms of membership and structure, to lead them towards even more ambitious endeavors in the future. Keep an eye out, as Chicken Kiss is as hungry for victory as ever, and plans to defy all odds against them.

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